Product Survey Form

Gather data and insights from your customers with this easy-to-customize, free product survey form. Streamline your information-gathering workflow by using it as a template for all future forms. Modifying questions and data fields is easy and it integrates with your analytics platform for fast insight generation.

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Product Survey Form

What is a product survey form?

A product survey form is a method of collecting data on customers’ opinions of your products. These surveys are sent to people who have recently bought a product to request their feedback on its specific aspects. 

You can customize the questions and elements you ask, depending on what you want to improve. You can also ask open-ended questions to identify problems you may not yet have found.

Collecting customer feedback gives your business a chance to refine its offerings in the future. With enough well-studied product feedback, you can learn from your existing customers and develop better customer experience strategies. That can help your e-commerce business grow and thrive.

Who may need to complete a product survey questionnaire?

Anyone who purchases a product is a potential candidate for a product survey form. Individual consumers and business purchasers are both excellent sources of data, depending on your target demographic.

Filling out an opinion form is always voluntary. One of the goals for product surveys is to create a document that encourages people to return their responses instead of ignoring them. You will encourage more respondents when you keep your target audience in mind. 

A well-designed online survey should be sent to a broad selection of the people who bought that product. The more responses you can collect, the more likely you are to identify actual trends instead of individual opinions that may not be widely applicable.

What is a product survey form used for?

Product surveys are intended to help businesses that sell goods to find out what their customers really like. 

These forms allow your business to directly communicate with your customers and get the data that interests you. Whether you want to know what parts of your product customers love or what to change in an upcoming relaunch, a survey can help you learn your customers’ actual thoughts.

E-commerce businesses can see significant benefits from these forms. Online-only organizations need to reach out to receive feedback since they can’t rely on in-person customer complaints. Regular product questionnaires can help your business stay connected with your customer base and remain competitive in a constantly changing industry.

What should a product survey form include?

Product evaluation surveys are almost always tailored to meet the needs of the specific e-commerce businesses that will be using them. However, there are many elements that different forms will have in common.

The main areas that every product assessment should have include:

  • Buyer information. Most product surveys begin with a section confirming which products the person bought, including details like color, model, and quantity. Some surveys may also include a field for the buyer’s contact information to allow for follow-up surveys in the future.
  • Specific product questions. Most survey questions generally cover particular aspects of existing products, such as the perceived quality, utility, or pricing. These questions are answered with drop-down fields or checkboxes to provide quantitative data points for analysis.
  • Open-ended feedback fields. It’s good practice to offer an open-ended text box for additional comments at the end of the survey. This provides customers with the chance to praise or complain about aspects of the product in a qualitative way.

Is a product survey form the same as a customer satisfaction survey?

A product survey is similar to a customer satisfaction form, but there are some clear differences. Product questionnaires and customer satisfaction queries are intended to get feedback from your audience. The type of feedback these forms request is where they differ.

Where product evaluations focus on physical goods, customer satisfaction surveys focus on elements like the quality of service-based offerings. A service industry organization would rarely need to run product feedback surveys but could benefit from customer satisfaction polls. On the other hand, an e-commerce business can run both to develop a holistic understanding of its customers’ opinions.

How can product survey data be used for market research?

An online form can collect two kinds of data: quantitative data that can be directly measured, and qualitative data like opinions. Quantitative data might be how people rate your product on a scale of 1 to 5. Meanwhile, qualitative data is unmeasurable information like individual feedback and reviews.

You can use quantitative data to directly track whether people’s opinions are getting better or worse. If you make a change that prompts people to rate your quality 5 out of 5 instead of 4 out of 5, you have direct proof that you’re improving the product. 

In contrast, people may mention rare problems in the qualitative free-response sections. Some types of problems are hard to identify until your product is out in the world, so qualitative data can be invaluable for refining the product.


How do you write a product survey?

Determine the challenges you want to tackle first. For instance, what stage of the user’s journey are you focusing on and what are you most interested in learning? Define the best approach to use for getting the necessary data, as well as the ideal customer survey type. Ask precise questions to focus on important subjects and refrain from asking information that you won’t be needing in the future.

How can you encourage people to fill out product survey forms?

Market research relies on robust data sets to come up with reliable answers. To get a robust data set, you need to get as many buyers as possible to fill out your product survey forms. The best strategy for getting more responses is to make the process easy and stress-free.

PandaDoc’s user-friendly forms make it easy for people to answer every question without getting annoyed. Furthermore, these online forms can be filled out on any type of device, so your surveys are easily accessible. The result is a higher number of responses, better data collection, and more accurate market research for future products.

Should you use a template to create a product survey form?

If you frequently use product feedback survey forms in your business, you will likely benefit from using a form template to generate them. Working from a template helps ensure that you never forget the essential elements of the form so you can collect all the information you need.

Survey templates remove the need to create every new document from scratch whenever you want a survey form for new products. Reducing the time spent re-creating old forms will help you save a significant amount of money and employee stress in the long term.