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Build custom forms in minutes. Сonfigure workflows in real-time. Maximize efficiency with data-driven insights, using the best form builder software from PandaDoc.

Form builder software
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Create consistent forms from customizable templates

Gain access to our 100+ editable form templates from our rich document library. All our forms are thoroughly-researched with well-thought-out questions to bring you one step closer to creating your go-to data collection tool. Whether you need to conduct an online survey, set up a registration form for your website, or configure a payment order, PandaDoc’s form builder has got you covered. All our templates are fully customizable to match your brand elements.

Templates Library

Manage repetitive tasks with automated workflows

You’ve received form submissions. Now what? Our form development software allows you to implement automated workflows, making it easy to collaborate with others and streamline your business processes. PandaDoc Forms seamlessly integrates with our proposal and agreements software, in addition to thousands of Zapier-powered integrations. You can even configure permissions and approvals at the touch of a button.


Stay on top of the data collection process with instant email alerts

Receive real-time email notifications whenever a form is submitted, and send an automated confirmation message to respondents to let them know their submission was successful. PandaDoc’s online forms software supports bulk-send functionality, allowing you to send forms to multiple recipients faster than ever.

Auto Reminders

Gain insights into your business with powerful analytics

While using other programs to create forms may tell you how many respondents you had, PandaDoc Forms goes one step further to let you know who the respondents were. Our forms capture qualitative, non-anonymous, and even sensitive data from users. Get to know the number of unique form views, the devices that recipients used, and even the browsers they used to access your form.

Contract Analytics

Collect eSignatures and specify signing orders

Collecting digital signatures on your online forms is now easy with PandaDoc. Simply add a signature field and let users fill, sign, and submit forms within minutes. There’s no need to print out the forms on paper. If you have a specific order in which you want to collect signatures, Forms lets you specify who gets it first with our easy-to-use, automated signing workflow.


Forms for every role

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Sales and marketing

Customers are always on the move. Use Forms to boost your conversions before sales leads go cold. Capture prospective customers with near-real-time responsiveness through your website or social channels, and make it easy for recipients to fill out your form and get it back to you conveniently.


Streamline your tech operations and get rid of data silos by using PandaDoc to capture data, create documents, collect payments, and eSignatures all within a single platform. Our form builder reduces the heavy load on your tech team, thanks to our no-coding, workflow automation solution.

Security and compliance

Make your day-to-day work easier by automating tedious and repetitive tasks with flexible workflows powered by PandaDoc. Collect data online securely, generate documents, and collect legally-binding eSignatures, while meeting compliance standards. PandaDoc Forms deploys enhanced security protocols to keep your data secure, to ensure you comply with HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, and SOC 2 Type II certification requirements.

Customer success

Customer-centricity is all the rage these days – is your team putting their best foot forward? PandaDoc helps teams accelerate the customer relationship by allowing customer success managers and account managers to send customized forms for every renewal or expansion opportunity.

And for every industry



Improve patient satisfaction without compromising on security with simplified workflow management. PandaDoc allows for seamless document generation using data collected from medical forms, making it easy to share information across different departments securely.



Create seamless workflows using our form builder software. Collect student data, route submissions, track feedback and approvals, and collect eSignatures from staff and students fast and conveniently.

Financial services

Financial services

Create seamless workflows using our form builder software. Collect student data, route submissions, track feedback and approvals, and collect eSignatures from staff and students fast and conveniently.



Automate and manage insurance data for policies, claims, and proposals powered by PandaDoc Forms. Simplify document creation, collect data from customers, capture eSignatures, and receive payment conveniently on one platform.



Capture data, organize events, recruit volunteers, and manage donations, with our form builder. Get rid of inefficient processes and focus on what matters – growing your cause. Collaborate with your team on submissions, application approvals, and get feedback while meeting industry compliance standards for GDPR and HIPAA.

Customer service

Customer service

Whether you’re trying to improve a product or a brand, customer feedback surveys are valuable research tools for a business. Create customer feedback or request forms to increase performance and improve products. Export your data and use analysis tools to make better business decisions in the future

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

How does Forms compare to other free form builder software?

PandaDoc Forms is an add-on feature in our Business and Enterprise plans. Unlike other open-source form builder software, our solution allows you to collect data and automate your workflow. It integrates seamlessly with contracts, proposals, quotes, payment collection gateways, eSignatures, and lots more. You can even add multiple roles and specify signing orders for your forms. Based on online form builder reviews, PandaDoc Forms is quickly gaining traction in the survey space.

Do I need coding experience to embed Forms into my website?

No, you don’t. One of the great things about PandaDoc Forms is how user-friendly it is, even for beginners. All you have to do to embed Forms into your website is – copy and paste the code to your site’s source code. On the other hand, you could simply generate a direct link to Forms if you would rather avoid HTML code altogether. The best part is – if you need to modify your form, you can do so without having to alter the underlying code.

Can I integrate forms with my existing CRM?

Yes, you can – through Zapier. PandaDoc-Zapier connectors allow you to connect to dozens of CRMs to automate your workflow and maximize productivity. Forms work with documents in Hubspot workflows and several other enterprise apps.

Does Forms support approval workflows?

Yes, it does. You can assign multiple roles to your forms and even specify the signing order. This is particularly useful if you need to collect payments or manage approvals.

Is PandaDoc Forms the same as bulk-send?

No, it’s not. When using bulk-send to disburse a form, you would need to have the recipients’ email addresses. Forms, on the other hand, allow you to bulk send to unknown recipients.

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