New Customer Registration Form

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New Customer Registration Form

Who needs to complete a new customer registration form?

New customers should complete a new customer registration form when they first begin their relationship with your business.

Some businesses only use these forms when a customer actually purchases something or begins using their services.

These businesses place people who are interested but haven’t actually bought anything on a separate mailing list. The benefit of using different forms is that you may be able to better tailor marketing materials and other communications.

If your customers are individuals, you should have each adult customer complete a form. If your business caters to children, parents or guardians should fill out the form and include the names and ages of their children.

If your customers are mostly corporations or other organizations, the form should be completed by your primary contact at the organization or the person responsible for purchasing — or in some cases, both.

What is a new customer registration form used for?

A new customer registration form is used to collect key contact details about new customers. The contact details are then usually added to a list or database of customers.

Businesses usually use these lists for general communications with customers — such as sending marketing materials or announcing changes in a business policy — as well as specific communications.

New customer registration forms provide the address to send your invoices as well as the name and information of the person to contact if there are issues with a customer order.

They may also help you find out what types of items or services a customer may be interested in.

A new customer registration form is also often the first time a customer interacts with your company. The form serves as one of the most important ways a new customer learns about your company.

Don’t kick things off with a form that’s unprofessional, sloppy, or difficult to complete.

What should a new customer registration form include?

A new customer registration form should include key customer details. Which details are important varies widely, depending on the nature of your business.

Most forms should include the following:

  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of primary contact
  • Name and address of organization (if applicable)
  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the person responsible for payment (if different than primary contact)
  • Whether the organization is tax-exempt, as well as a space for tax ID information

In addition, depending on your business, you may wish to include fields for the following:

  • The customer’s date of birth (you may want to omit year of birth)
  • The names, ages, and birthdates of the customer’s children
  • Emergency contact information
  • How often the customer would like to receive emails or texts from you
  • The types of products or services that most interest the customer
  • Payment information or preferences

Should you use a template to create a new customer registration form?

Any business that collects customer information on a regular basis absolutely should use a template for its new customer registration form.

Because the form is one of the first looks the customer will have into how you conduct your business, you want to ensure that your form is consistent with your brand.

Gathering new customer information is one of the most important things a company can do to build its business, so you will also want to ensure that you’ve thoroughly collected key details from each new customer in a simple way that your customers won’t find burdensome.

PandaDoc’s templates are fully customizable so you can create a template that is consistent with your brand and includes the fields important to your business.

Don’t use a generic form that will leave out details relevant to your business or that will leave your customers with a bad first impression.


What is the purpose of a customer registration form?

A registration form helps in onboarding new customers. Once the service provider has all the client details on hand, they know how to communicate with their customers when there are relevant offers in the market, or if there’s an issue with their account, etc.

What is a new customer registration form? 

A new customer registration form is something that a new customer fills out to give you their contact details. Many times, it’s one of the first impressions a customer gets of your business.

These forms are usually completed when the customer is first introduced to your company — when the customer first makes a purchase, when the customer requests to be placed on your mailing list or requests more information about your company, or when the customer first signs up for your services.