Simple Templates

Simple Painting Estimate Template

Simple Painting Estimate Template

Use this Simple Painting Estimate Template to send painting estimates to clients, revise them for your specific requirements, and write how much they will sell for when painting a cottage or flat.

Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template

Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template

A deed used between the owner of a horse and someone who wants to lease the horse for their use is known as a horse lease agreement. This Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template is an excellent method to make sure that both you, the owner and the lessee, are aware of each other’s obligations.

Simple Job Offer Letter Template

Simple Job Offer Letter Template

This Simple Job Offer Letter Template is downloadable and can be customized to match your company’s branding. It includes some of the essential clauses.

Simple Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template

Simple Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template

Do you require a Simple Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template? A real estate partnership agreement is a legal instrument that establishes a joint venture to buy and manage properties between two or more partners.

Simple One Page Rental Agreement Template

Simple One Page Rental Agreement Template

A Simple One Page Rental Agreement Template outlines key terms between landlord and tenant, including names, property address, rental period, monthly rent, and security deposit. It clarifies utilities, and maintenance responsibilities.

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

Is it necessary to establish a legal agreement between a landlord and tenant? Use this Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template for your requirements by downloading it.

simple partnership agreement

Simple Partnership Agreement Template

It is vital that all parties entering a business partnership sign a legally binding agreement. This free simple partnership agreement template is a straightforward document that covers the essential aspects of a typical partnership, including agreed-upon contributions to the company, profit distribution, contingencies in case of death or bankruptcy, and the keeping of business records.

Simple Agreement Templates

Business deals can never be successful without professional documents. Fortunately, you don’t need to create the one you need from scratch. Fully customizable, beautifully organized, and easily editable templates are available for online download at PandaDoc. To suffice your document needs, using a one-page contract agreement can be a great solution, both convenient and hassle-free.

Simple one-page templates organize the results of business negotiations into an agreement. This way, the risks of violations by the contractor and client are reduced to the minimum. Let’s see how you can keep things clear and concise with a printable agreement template.

Reasons for Using Simple Agreement Templates

Whether you’re a large corporation, a non-profit organization, or a one-person show, having simple one-page agreement samples ready to go will definitely make your life easier. Here are five reasons for using those in practice:

Generally, having simple templates stored in one place promises ongoing consistency. It saves you time and effort in the long run.

Types of Simple Agreement Templates

An abundance of simple templates can cover everything from rental agreements to business deals. PandaDoc offers flexible and convenient document samples free of charge to let you manage business deals on paper. Now that you are looking for the right free agreement template, you have the following options to choose from:

Whether it comes to a business project or a personal need, you can find any document sample at PandaDoc. Download a free printable basic agreement template instantly, fill it out, and click send right away!

Simplify Routine Operations with PandaDoc

Digitalization was brought to this world to simplify and automate routine operations. Digital resources like PandaDoc facilitate document handling by creating customizable templates for business, employment, rental, and other purposes. It takes just a few clicks to download a comprehensive document. Then, you do what you must: put a signature on it and send it to the second party.

PandaDoc offers editable and customizable one-page agreement templates. Written by experts, they involve the terms of commitment, arrangement, and settlement. Choose a simple one-page contract template with ready-made body content that can be quickly edited, downloaded, and printed. Don’t lose a chance to benefit from PandaDoc’s basic rental agreement form!


What is a one-page agreement?

A one-page agreement is a paper signed by a landlord and a tenant to create a simple arrangement. The document contains obligations, start and end dates, and general terms to be fulfilled by both parties. It aims to describe how the contract will help resolve the issues at hand.

Can a contract be one page?

You and your contractual partner discuss the details of your cooperation and then indicate the brief or detailed terms in a written agreement. Then, both parties must execute the obligations described in the document. Unless there are complicated issues, the elements making up such a contract can be put together on a single page.

How do you write a simple agreement with PandaDoc?

You need to pick and download a simple contract template for free that suits your particular situation. You fill it out with personal and financial details. Then, you describe the terms that need to be followed by both parties. What’s good is that you can use this template more than once. No fees and interest rates are going to be charged.