Healthcare business proposal templates

Documents are important and essential in the healthcare and medical industries. The number of documents listed below includes proposals, contracts, quotes, etc., so you can easily find the one that works for you. Our clients consistently report on average: a 30% increase in close rates and a 50% reduction in document creation time. All of our templates are free to customize!

Travel Nurse Contract Template

Travel Nurse Contract Template

This easy-to-use travel nurse contract sample covers compensation, duties, facility policies, and employment terms for temporary nursing assignments.

Price Quote Template

Price Quote Template

Use this free Price Quote template to lay out the costs for the goods or items you are selling. Customize it as needed. Use PandaDoc’s document analytics to track your Price Quote and make changes or seal the deal in our interactive deal room.

Clinical Trial Agreement

Clinical Trial Agreement Template

Finding sponsors for your clinical trial can be a tedious process. This clinical trial agreement template makes that process easier by streamlining the process of creating a contract between a sponsor and institution.

What is a proposal template?

A proposal template is a version of a business proposal that has been optimized for easy reuse.

While it’s possible to create and design a template completely from scratch, it’s more common to take an existing proposal that your sales team sent to a potential client and use it to create a generic template for your brand.

For businesses in the healthcare industry, if your team regularly submits project proposals in response to a request for proposals (RFPs), medical proposal templates can become an essential part of your document lineup when trying to sell your goods and services to potential clients.

Do I need templates for my healthcare business?

Templates are effective tools for documents that you use on a regular basis to optimize your business operations. This is true for any business, including those operating in the healthcare sector.

While proposal templates are more common in B2B settings, you’ll find a variety of templates across the healthcare industry, such as:

Templates can help your organization create a streamlined document workflow that is more efficient than creating resources by hand.

Regarding proposals and RFPs, an effective template will ensure that any sales agent can send the documentation that clearly demonstrates your business position and highlights the value of your brand, without needing to compile these critical details from scratch.

Startups and early-stage businesses can also use templates like those you’ll find in the PandaDoc library to create documents essential to the long-term health of the business.

For example, writing a business plan completely from scratch can be a real challenge. Using one of our business plan templates can help young entrepreneurs figure out how to construct business plans and similar documentation without the need to hire expensive writing services.

What should I include in my healthcare proposal template?

The structure and layout of a healthcare proposal aren’t much different from standard business proposals.

As part of your healthcare proposal, you’ll want to include most or all of the following:

Depending on the nature of your business, the content you use in your proposal template might vary. For example, a medical clinic might use patient testimonials as a form of social proof. A hospital supply company might prefer to use a small case study with built-in efficiency metrics to demonstrate value.

You’ll also want to make sure that your proposal is designed well so that it stands out from the crowd. That might include using tools like Adobe InDesign or leveraging the desktop design aspects of Microsoft Word to ensure that your proposal maintains the right look and feel for your audience and brand.

Lastly, you may need to introduce pricing tables, spreadsheets, and graphics to make your proposal shine. While you can harness the power of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, you can also leverage all-in-one solutions like the PandaDoc document editor to create truly eyecatching and memorable proposals.

Build healthcare templates faster with PandaDoc!

We know that templates can make your team faster and increase your overall close rate for contracts and proposals. By creating more consistent and on-brand documentation that fits your target audience, your business process will become more efficient and profitable.

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Frequently asked questions

What templates do I need for my healthcare business?

In many ways, healthcare businesses are just like other businesses across different sectors and industries.

Here’s a shortlist of all the templates you might want to consider for your business:

Of these tools, the business proposal templates that are specific to your business are likely to be the most unique and take the most time to create because they will vary from business to business.

For example, you may not need a research proposal template if you’re a test tube manufacturer supplying goods to a lab.  However, you might need a proposal kit explaining the value of your service and the quality of your product.

The easiest way to know what templates you should create is to audit the existing documentation that your team sends on a regular basis.  Review digital files and printables, then make a list of any documentation that is part of a kit or packet, like the new patient onboarding pack you’d find at a doctor’s office.

Once you’ve discovered which documents you need, create templates from those items using digital tools so that they can be easily changed.

How should I cover HIPAA in my business proposal template?

One of the issues that makes healthcare so different from other organizations is the advent of HIPAA and its related set of rules and regulations around confidentiality.

It may make the most sense to add a HIPAA business associate agreement or address compliance as part of your standard proposal.  You may also simply want to include standalone HIPAA documentation, like this HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template by Uploadcare as part of a proposal pack.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to create separate proposals and agreements that appropriately clarify your relationship between HIPAA, your organization, and that of the company you partner with.

Are business proposals legally binding contracts?

Often, yes!

While it’s easy to mistake a proposal as nothing more than a quote or an estimate, many formal proposals include all the elements that are necessary for a contract.

This includes items such as the legal terms and conditions of the contract, as well as an itemized list of products and services that might be exchanged for monetary value. If the proposal you send or receive has any of these factors, it’s likely that it lives up to the legal definition of a contract.

Were you to sign this document or give any indication that you accept the terms and conditions of the proposal, you could be held liable for that indication of consent!

Remember:  Contracts don’t have to be signed or even witnessed in order to be considered valid.

However, many proposals will contain instructions for next steps and/or an electronic signature block that parties can use to signal agreement to the terms and conditions enclosed within the proposal.

Do I need to design my own proposal templates?

While you don’t have to design your own templates, taking the time to create a design can have a major impact on whether or not your proposal strikes a chord with the reviewer.

This is especially true in RFP scenarios, where you’re bidding against competitors to supply similar products or scopes of work. While the requesting company may have some inclination toward what you do and how you operate, a well-crafted proposal is your chance to demonstrate your value in an organized and methodical way.

Rather than sending a collection of black text on a white page, study the proposal samples in our Community Gallery and review examples that you find online for inspiration into what makes the perfect proposal for your market.

Do PandaDoc templates work in Microsoft Word or Google Docs?


The downloadable versions of the PandaDoc template you’ll find in our template library are only available in PDF format. While you can import them into MS Word or Google Docs to review them, your ability to change or reformat the document will be limited.

PandaDoc users can enjoy a fully editable version of our templates and proposal examples by importing our templates directly into PandaDoc. Using our platform editor, you can make changes, upload text and images, and even reformat your entire document using our built-in tools.

Can I import my own templates?

Absolutely! If you have previously created Word templates in a .doc/.docx format, you can import those to PandaDoc and continue optimizing them on our platform.

For documents that are already set up as templates and easy signing, uploading the file and adding associated fields like text boxes and electronic signature blocks is the fastest and easiest way to convert and optimize your template.

And the best part: the PandaDoc editor is easy to use.  No technical expertise is required. Simply upload and use the drag-and-drop tools on the sidebar to set your document up for the best viewing experience.