HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template by Uploadcare

Ensure the security of your customers’ personal health information with Uploadcare’s HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. With a few easy mouse clicks, you can communicate with business associates about how you expect them to safeguard information before you start working with them. Using this template early in your business relationship, you can ensure you only work with associates who are as exacting about their security standards as you are.

What is the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement template used for?

If your company works with protected health information (PHI), you owe it to your customers to safeguard that information. But not all tasks can be completed in-house. Sometimes, you need to work with business associates, which can mean transferring files containing PHI from one server to another. 

The HIPAA Business Associate Agreement template helps you create an agreement between you and your business associates about how that PHI needs to be stored and handled. Uploadcare’s clear attention to detail in crafting this business associate agreement ensures that you don’t have to come up with a list of your HIPAA policies each time you work with an associate. Instead, you can just update the template to include their business name and email the agreement form to them with a few easy mouse clicks. 

Having your business associates sign the agreement allows you to feel confident working with them. And if something does go wrong or they don’t follow the HIPAA best practices, having a signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement on file can help reduce your liability for their actions. 

How does the PandaDoc eSignature tool integrate with this template? 

Just sending information to your business associates about HIPAA best practices does no good if you don’t know whether they’ve followed through on implementing security measures. PandaDoc’s eSignature tool integrates with this template so that you can collect their signatures in real-time, confirming that they have read, understood, and agreed to the policies set out in the agreement form.

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