Ecommerce proposals

Are you an eCommerce developer eager to win high-paying clients? All of our templates are written after extensive research. Whether you’re proposing a handful of tweaks for a Shopify store or a site-wide overhaul of a Magento platform, our templates enable you to pitch to clients in a clear and engaging way.

Ecommerce Proposal Templates

In the epoch of across-the-board digitalization, online businesses reign supreme. Forward-thinking started to rely on digital channels in their shopping about a decade ago, but the global pandemic has dramatically promoted this drive, giving the “remote everything” trend a powerful boost. Sensing such a tectonic shift, entrepreneurs are investing heavily in ecommerce initiatives. However, most of them aren’t tech-savvy enough to tackle ecommerce website creation, so they have to look for experts in this field who will develop an attractive, user-friendly, and functional product for them.

Still, it may be a problem for online store owners to inform software developers about all details of the project they have in mind and choose the best offer among dozens of applicants for the project. A workmanlike proposal for an ecommerce website can significantly streamline this process for both parties.

Zooming in on the Online Store Proposal

An ecommerce proposal is a type of free business proposals in which software companies or freelancers recommend a solution to a customer’s problem related to their online store or pitch an ecommerce project to potential clients. The most important use cases where ecommerce project proposal samples are leveraged occur when:

The overarching goal of this document is to convince the clientele that the developer is a qualified expert in the domain and showcase the way their services will benefit the customer and consumers of their goods and services.

Some software companies fill their e commerce business plan template with tons of technical details and put in too much special jargon, thus losing a chance to get home to the client. Instead, they should come up with several crucial points in such a document. 

What Should an Ecommerce Proposal Sample Contain?

Ideally, a compelling proposal must pinpoint the problem the client faces and recommend a solution wrapping it all in an attractive cover. To do that, the structure of the proposal should consist of the following:

Evidently, creating an appealing and convincing ecommerce proposal is not as simple as it may seem. To automate and facilitate the task, you can make use of the ready-made templates by PandaDoc.

Ecommerce Proposal Samples Offered by PandaDoc

Writing a unique proposal for each client is a waste of time and effort. Instead, you can employ customizable and printable templates we provide on our site. We have four basic ecommerce proposal samples for you.

As you see, our templates are designed to fit any possible need of both e-store owners and software developers – from the most general bids to more specific products. By addressing PandaDoc, you will not only save valuable time but also receive carefully crafted proposal samples that will help you stand out among competitors via an impressive proposal and make the most of the presentation of your brand. 

Take your job-hunting efforts in the domain of ecommerce website development to a higher level with PandaDoc!


How do you write an ecommerce proposal using PandaDoc?

In fact, the backbone of the document is already written for you by high-profile experts of PandaDoc. All you have to do is to fill it with the information about your software company, the services it provides, and the peculiarities of the project you are going to tackle. Besides, you can (and should) customize the form to let it represent your brand in the most favorable light and showcase its advantages over rivals in the niche.

What is an ecommerce proposal?

Being aware of a client’s needs in the sphere of developing ecommerce websites, software companies issue an ecommerce proposal to their potential customer. In this document, the outsourcer outlines the solution to the client’s problem, roadmaps the way of accomplishing the project, mentions the time and budget for its implementation, and tries to persuade the e-store owner to opt for their services over the competitors. 

What are the 5 steps of writing a business proposal?

While writing a business proposal in the ecommerce industry, you should:

  1. Start with creating a visually appealing title page
  2. Move on to the introduction, where you must give the potential customer a persuasive answer to the question, “Why us?”
  3. Come over to the project statement in which you offer the solution to the problem
  4. Relate the methodology you will use to tackle the task
  5. Inform about the expected deliverables and the cost of the project