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E-Commerce (Magento) Web Design Proposal Template

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Magento Project Proposal

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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Project Overview

[Sender.Company] will create a customized e-commerce website for [Client.Company]. [Sender.Company] will make it depending on the specifications provided by [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] below:

In this section, you will present the vital specifications that the client wants for their e-commerce website.

  • (Client.Specifications)

  • (Client.Specifications)

  • (Client.Specifications)

Project Objective

Our strategy for achieving the desired result can be broken into four parts:

1. Website Design and Development

In this process, we initiate by conducting thorough research into the client's industry and target audience.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Following the successful design and development of the website, our next phase revolves around promoting it through strategic search engine optimization techniques.

3. Results Measurement

In this stage, we focus on assessing the website's performance through the utilization of various effective website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics and heat maps.

4. Fine Tuning

Following the assessment of results, our next step involves optimizing the website to enhance its performance. Fine-tuning efforts encompass various adjustments, which can range from rearranging the menu items to modifying font sizes and other elements to achieve better outcomes.

About Us

[Sender.Company] is a dynamic and forward-thinking Magento agency that strongly emphasizes user-centered design principles while tirelessly working towards helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes. We have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, consistently delivering innovative and impactful online solutions across various sectors and platforms.

  • Over (Number) years of experience in Magento e-commerce solutions.

  • Successfully completed (Number) projects for various industries.

  • Specialized in customizing and optimizing Magento platforms for enhanced performance.

  • Proficient in integrating third-party extensions to meet specific business requirements.

  • Committed to delivering seamless and scalable e-commerce experiences tailored to your unique needs.

A team of dedicated professionals drives our success, each a specialist in their respective fields. From skilled developers and creative designers to meticulous project managers and quality assurance experts, our team is well equipped to manage projects of all sizes and complexities. We take pride in tailoring our solutions to meet clients' unique needs in diverse global markets.

Our Team

Our [Sender.Company] web design team is a formidable assembly of exceptionally talented individuals, each contributing their unique expertise to shape the success of our projects. Let us introduce you to the brilliant minds that will transform your web design vision into a vibrant reality:

(CEO/Founder): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) stands as the visionary leader of our web design team at [Sender.Company].

(Lead Web Designer): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) is the creative genius behind the visuals to make your website come alive.

(Creative Director): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) spearheads our creative direction, setting the bar high for your project.

(Project Manager): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) is our diligent project manager who oversees every facet of your web design project.

(Marketing Director): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) brings a strategic approach to marketing your website, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and garners the attention it deserves.

(Additional Team Members): Beyond our core team, we have a pool of accomplished professionals, including web developers, innovative designers, and experts in various technical aspects of web design.

Client Testimonials

Here are some of the feedback we have received from our clients from our previous projects:

(Client’s Testimonial 1)

(Client.Name 1)

(Client.Company 1)

(Client’s Testimonial 2)

(Client.Name 2)

(Client.Company 2)

Scope of Work

[Client.Company] is interested in integrating the following functionality into the e-commerce platform:

  • (Function 1)

  • (Function 2)

  • (Function 3)

Magento is a highly feature-rich source shopping cart application. We always say Magento has everything an online shop has, which is why it is important to note that these features, not all of them, may be relevant or useful for smaller merchants. Therefore, [Sender.Company] recommends exploring various open-source cart solutions to identify the best fit for their needs.

Catalog Browsing

  • Recently compared products

  • Cross-sells, Up-sells, and Related Items

  • Popular Search Terms Cloud

  • Filter by Product Tags

  • Product Reviews

  • Customer Personalized Products

  • Stock Availability

  • Multi-Tier Pricing Upsell

  • Product Option Selection

  • Grouped Products View

Catalog Management

  • Inventory Management, including Backordered Items

  • Bulk Catalog Import and Export

  • Virtual Products

  • Taxation Customization

Product Browsing

  • Add to Wishlist

  • Send to a Friend with Email

  • Order status and history

  • Re-orders from account

  • Recently ordered items

  • Address Book with unlimited addresses

  • Default Billing and Shipping addresses

  • Product Reviews submitted

  • Product Tags submitted

  • Customer Groups

Customer Accounts

  • Order Status and History

  • Convenient Reordering

  • Newsletter Subscriptions

  • Default Shipping and Billing Information

  • Account Dashboard Review

Site Management

  • Multilingual Capabilities

  • Localization Support

  • Multi-Currency Functionality

Order Management

  • Call Center (phone) order creation

  • Email Notifications of Orders

  • On-site order tracking from customer accounts

  • Multiple shipments per order

  • Free Shipping

  • Table rates for weight and destination


  • Fixed Rate Shipping

  • Free shipping

  • Flexible Rate Options


  • One-page checkout

  • Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates

  • Choice of Guest or Account Checkout

Payment Gateway

Customers will be given the option to pay through various payment gateways. We will ensure that the version of (Payment Option) used will allow payments, even if the customer does not have a (Payment Option) account. The order will then be confirmed by the designated [Client.Company] website administrator and shipped.


The following are the stages we take to accomplish a project:




Strategy Consultation

(Brief Description of the stage)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

Website Design

(Brief Description of the stage)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

Setting Up Website

(Brief Description of the stage)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

Launching Website

(Brief Description of the stage)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

Training Session for E-commerce Store

(Brief Description of the stage)

(Number of Days/Weeks)






Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Terms and Conditions

1. Authorization

[Client.Company] is employing [Sender.Company] as an independent contractor for the following project:

  • (Project.Title) E-commerce Website Design and Development.

This engagement signifies that [Sender.Company] is authorized to proceed with the design and development of (Project.Title) e-commerce website. The terms and conditions outlined herein govern the execution of this project and establish the roles and responsibilities of both parties involved.

2. Completion Date

This section of the agreement outlines that [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company] will collaborate to complete the project promptly. [Sender.Company] commits to working quickly to ensure project completion within a maximum of 30 days, with the timeframe starting upon agreement acceptance. This clause emphasizes the importance of efficient work. It provides some flexibility by tying the completion date to the agreement acceptance date.

3. Payment of Fees

Payment terms in this contract require [Client.Company] to make two payments to [Sender.Company]: The first, totaling 50% of the fees, is due upon contract agreement, and the remaining 50% is payable upon the project's completion following the initial specifications provided by [Client.Company].

4. Assignment of Project

This clause grants [Sender.Company] the authority to assign subcontractors to the project when necessary. This ensures the right expertise is applied to specific project tasks and maintains on-time completion.

5. Project Revision During Execution

If [Client.Company] decides to change the project scope and objectives after the project has started, then they may be required to pay additional fees. These extra charges are intended to cover the costs incurred by [Sender.Company] to accommodate the requested changes and protect their financial interests during project execution.

6. Legal & License

[Sender.Company] warrants that the functionality contained in this project will meet [Client.Company] requirements and that the operation will be reasonably error-free.

The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the project is with [Client.Company]. [Sender.Company] will not be liable to [Client.Company] for any damages or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the operation or inability to operate the website.

7. Copyrights and Trademark

[Client.Company] guarantees that any elements they provide for the project belong to them or have proper permissions. They commit to holding [Sender.Company] and its subcontractors are harmless and pledge to protect and defend them from any legal claims or suits arising from these elements. This safeguards [Sender.Company] from potential intellectual property disputes and liabilities.

8. Copyright to Project

Upon project completion, [Sender.Company] will provide [Client.Company] with full access and ownership of all project-related intellectual property, including copyrights and code. [Sender.Company] retains the right to showcase project elements in their portfolio as examples of their work, ensuring transparency and visibility while granting ownership to [Client.Company].

9. Sole Agreement

This section of the contract establishes that it is the exclusive agreement between [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company] for the specified project. Any additional work or changes to the project must be authorized through written change orders. The prices defined in the contract will be valid for three (3) months after both parties sign the contract, after which a new agreement may be required for continued services.

10. Initial Payment and Refund Policy

[Client.Company] must initially pay 50% of the project cost. Suppose they halt the project and request a refund within four (4) days of signing the contract. In that case, any work completed will be billed at an hourly rate specified in the contract for (Amount). The remaining balance of the initial payment will be returned.

If work exceeds the scope of the initial payment at the time of the refund request, [Client.Company] is accountable for the additional work. Only a portion will be refunded if requested within the deadline.

Suppose any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful. That provision shall be severable. The remaining provisions remain valid and enforceable.







Magento Project Proposal

Used 5,403 times

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