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Ecommerce Website Design
Proposal Template


A proposal by [Sender.Company]


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Dear [Client.FirstName],

Online retail is expanding at an astounding pace. In the past few years, global ecommerce sales have eclipsed $1 trillion, and we’re well on our way to reaching $2 trillion per year. Doing business online has become part of daily life for many of us- we’re now living in a world where people order their groceries online and have them delivered right to their doorstep.

Those facts make it clear that ecommerce is a lucrative business. That being said, competition is extremely fierce. There are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce brands, and new ones emerge every single day.

At [Sender.Company], we’re laser-focused on helping ecommerce brands stand out in a crowded digital marketplace. Our focus on solid web design, reliable site security, and effective conversion optimization has helped our clients sell millions in merchandise through their online stores.

In this proposal, you’ll find a summary of our ecommerce web design capabilities, followed by the website design process that allows us to consistently build digital storefronts on-time and on-budget. Once you’ve reviewed the proposal thoroughly, simply e-sign on the final page to indicate your intent to proceed with our proposed build.


Our Capabilities

Our team is proficient in building ecommerce sites using the following platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • 3dCart
  • Magento

Each platform has unique strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right platform is a critical choice, one that will have a major impact on your ecommerce store’s functionality. Based on previous conversations, we propose that your site be built using [Ecommerce.Platform].

Site Design Process

Our ecommerce website design process consists of seven key stages, outlined below:

Initial Planning

Our team will meet with you to discuss your site’s specific requirements during the initial planning stage. We’ll build a full report of the pages, categories, products, and functionality required for your site.

Wireframes & Mockups

round2_small Once we’ve built detailed design and technical specifications during the initial planning phase, we’ll proceed with wireframe development. Wireframes are early-stage design concepts, intended to give you an idea of the layout for each page. They look like this:


round2_small After you’ve approved your site’s wireframes, we’ll create full page mockups. These expand on the wireframes by adding color and image elements. They look like this:


Content Development

Once you’ve approved your mockup designs, our team will begin developing the copy for your website. This includes headings, page copy, and product descriptions.

Site Development

Our development team will begin the technical portion of your site’s build while content is being developed. This includes building a custom theme as well as setting up any necessary plugins.


Thoroughly testing a new ecommerce site helps us identify any issues with rendering or functionality prior to deployment. Our quality assurance team will test your site on all web browsers and a variety of screen sizes, including mobile devices.


The deployment period is critical to the success of every ecommerce website design project. During your site’s initial deployment, we monitor things closely to ensure no problems arise.

Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

Once your site is successfully deployed, we’ll shift to an ongoing maintenance & update regimen. We’ll continually monitor your website for any security breaches or outages, and take action when necessary to keep things running smoothly. We’ll also update your site’s plugins and extensions when necessary.

When you need to edit the listings in your digital store, we’ll handle the technical side of things.


Milestone Estimated Completion Date
Initial Planning [Planning. CompletionDate]
Wireframes & Mockups [Mockups. CompletionDate]
Content [Content. CompletionDate]
Development [Development. CompletionDate]
Testing [Testing. CompletionDate]
Deployment [Deployment. CompletionDate]

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The total costs for your project are indicated below. An initial invoice for 25% of the total amount will be generated upon your approval of this proposal. The remaining balance will be invoiced upon successful launch of your ecommerce site.

Name Price QTY Subtotal

Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00


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Ecommerce Website Design Proposal Template