E-Commerce Proposal Template



Submitted on [DATE]Email: [EMAIL]

This proposal is valid for a period of [#] days from the date above.

Dear [NAME],

Thank you for reaching out to [DESIGNER] for your e-commerce website needs. Given our experience in e-commerce web design, including SEO and marketing, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve your goals.

After you have reviewed our proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.









We understand the scope of this project is to design and develop a professional e-commerce website for [CLIENT]. We have received your specifications and requirements document and proposal to deliver on all functionality as described therein.

We understand the importance of simplicity in user experience for any e-commerce website, as well as your need for high-end design and we propose to deliver on all fronts. Please review the attached samples e-commerce projects we have successfully completed.

We propose to use the following technologies for this project:



[DESIGNER] will perform the work as described in each phase of the project below.

Research Stage:

  1. Finalize specifications
  2. Research target market
  3. Set strategy to accomplish [CLIENT] goals
  4. Finalize design and development plan for the e-commerce website
  5. Determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated Research Cost: [$]


Planning Stage:

  1. Determine main goals of user pathways.
  2. Determine the website flow
  3. Prepare wireframes
  4. Optimize the NAV

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated Planning Cost: [$]


Web Design:

  1. Finalize graphical theme of website and web application (colors, general look and feel, etc.)
  2. Finalize layout and structure design
  3. Create all graphical elements

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated Web Design Cost: [$]


Front End Development:

  1. Web pages coding
  2. Integration of latest front end technologies to enhance UX

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated Front End Development Cost: [$]


Back End Development:

  1. Integrate databases
  2. Application programming
  3. Programming of administration (backend)
  4. Integration of e-commerce features, including shopping cart, checkout, membership accounts, etc.

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated Back End Development Cost: [$]


Quality Assurance:

  1. Testing to ensure no errors in code and the application is generally bug free
  2. Configuration and setup of host server   
  3. Migration to the live server

Total Hours: [#]

Total Estimated QA Cost: [$]



We estimate that the project will take approximately [TIME].



A deposit of [$] will be due upon contract signing. The remaining balance will be paid in accordance with the following schedule:



We think our vast experience with e-commerce websites such as this make us the right fit for your project.

For [#] years, [DESIGNER] has been the source of some of the best e-commerce websites out there. We have built a number of award winning e-commerce sites, including the following:

Our clients are happy to work with us and keep coming back. Please feel free to contact the following clients for more information:

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