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E-Commerce Proposal Template

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName]

[Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName]

[Sender.LastName]​ ​[Sender.Company]

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Cover Letter

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Dear [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName],

In this ever-changing business landscape, [Client.Company] would benefit from an attractive digital platform where it can reach out to its customers and promote and sell its own products without having to pay any other platform a cut. 

An e-commerce website is almost a necessity for growth and expansion, as it allows you to reach a wider audience and customize your site to the clientele you already have. The right e-commerce website can help you deliver a better shopping experience and improve both conversion quality and quantity. 

It can also help you to better upsell and cross sell your products to new customers, as well as improve efficiency with better inventory management.

Thank you for reaching out to ​[Sender.Company] for your e-commerce website needs. Given our experience in e-commerce web design, including SEO and marketing, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve your goals.

After you have reviewed our proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. We are here for you!



​​[Sender.Title] at [Sender.Company]

​​[Sender.Phone]​ ​​[Sender.Email]

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We understand the scope of this project is to design and develop a professional e-commerce website for [Client.Company]. With your products already available for purchase by way of other payment portals, we can provide you with a unique e-commerce platform for the same by building a website built for ease of use by your target audience. 

We have received your specifications and requirements document and propose to deliver on all the functionalities as described therein.

We understand the importance of simplicity in user experience for any e-commerce website, as well as your need for high-end design, and we propose to deliver on all fronts.

Please review the attached samples e-commerce projects we have successfully completed:

Image 23
Image 24
Image 25

Company name

Link to their e-commerce website/app

Company name

Link to their e-commerce website/app

Company name

Link to their e-commerce website/app

We propose to use the following technologies for this project:

  1. WooCommerce

  2. Volusion

  3. SimpleCart

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Our Contribution

Throughout the project we will help you with the following things:

Design of [Client.Company]’s online website

Our team will meet with you and have an in-depth discussion on what you expect from the website. We wish to make your vision our mission for this website and will offer our inputs where we feel it is necessary to help achieve your business goals. Once all of us have finalized an idea of what you want your website to look like, our team will get to work creating a fully customized e-commerce store for you.

Setup of [Client.Company]’s store

Once your e-commerce website is up and running we will import all of your products and services from your current platform into the new online store. We will help set up pricing according to your requirements as well as create a product organization map to best promote efficiency and ease of use while shopping. We will ensure a seamless transition from your old e-commerce platform to your new online store.

Launch of [Client.Company]’s store

Once you have your new website and e-commerce site up and running, we will assist you with the launch and rollout to your customers. We will do this by targeting keywords and SEO (search engine optimization). Part of the e-commerce struggle is making it easier for customers to find you and we will ensure that your store will be easy to reach and fully functional to accept and fulfill orders upon launch.

Training [Client.Company]’s team to use the website

Our team will work with yours in order to train them to access the full potential of your e-commerce website. This training will cover dynamic inventory management, tracking and interpreting key sales performance metrics, and troubleshooting potential issues. [Client.Company]’s team will come away from these sessions with all the knowledge they need to take over managing the online store with confidence.

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Designer background & qualifications

Our vast experience with e-commerce websites like the one we propose building for your company make us the right fit for this project.

For (X) years, [Sender.Company] has been the source of some of the best e-commerce websites out there. Our clients are happy to work with us and keep coming back.

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What Our Clients Say

Image 19

I want to thank you for a job well done. Your design team professionally created our site with a keen appreciation of our target market and budget. We receive leads and compliments on the site daily. You really delivered big!

Sarah Brown

Head of marketing at LaModa

Image 20

As per usual, [Sender.Company] team did a fantastic job! We are thrilled with the new responsive site. It looks great visually, and most importantly, we've already seen an uptick in conversion rates within this first week of being live.

Mike Snow

CMO at OhMyCart

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Scope of work/deliverables

Designer will perform the work as described in each phase of the project below.

Research Stage:

1. Finalize specifications 2. Research target market 3. Set strategy to accomplish [Client.Company] goals 4. Finalize design and development plan for the e-commerce website 5. Determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project

Total Hours:

Total Estimated Research Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours

Planning Stage:

1. Determine main goals of user pathways. 2. Determine the website flow 3. Prepare wireframes 4. Optimize the site and product navigation

Total Hours:

Total Estimated Planning Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours
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Web Design:

1. Finalize graphical theme of website and web application (colors, general look and feel, etc.)

2. Finalize layout and structure design

3. Create all graphical elements

Total Hours:

Total Estimated Web Design Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours

Front End Development:

1. Web pages coding

2. Integration of latest front end technologies to enhance UX

Total Hours:

Total Estimated Front End Development Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours
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Image 42

Back End Development:

1. Integrate databases 2. Application programming 3. Programming of administration (back end) 4. Integration of e-commerce features, including shopping cart, checkout,

membership accounts, etc.

Total Hours:

Total Estimated Back End Development Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours

Quality Assurance:

1. Testing to ensure no errors in code and the application being generally bug-free 2. Configuration and setup of host server    3. Migration to the live server

Total Hours:

Total Estimated QA Cost:

Enter the estimated cost
Enter the number of hours
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Overview of Your Website

Your site will contain multiple pages including but not limited to:

Home Page

This will work as the welcome screen for customers visiting the site. Customers will get to know your company and an overview of the products you sell along with any current sales or ongoing offers.

About Us

This page will contain information about your company such as your founding date, your mission, the company vision and head office location.


This landing page will provide an overview of the various products available on the website. The page will contain image descriptions and links to separate product pages where you can read more info about them.

Contact Us

A contact page typically contains your business contact information. This will include an email address, a phone number or customer support number, and an office location. If you wish, this can also include a feedback form that will contain fields to allow people to fill out questionnaires, suggestions, comments, sales inquiries and so on.


We will integrate various embedded features into your website, such as Google Maps, to help people find your office easier, as well as assist with product tracking. We can also integrate with other online stores in order to link to their marketplaces, such as Amazon.

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Project schedule

We estimate that the project will approximately take a total of

Enter the estimated time




X amount of weeks


X amount of weeks

First Review

X amount of weeks


X amount of weeks

Final Review

X amount of weeks


As discussed, our proposal is valid until (MM.DD.YYYY). To take advantage of this contract you must complete the following steps.

The deposit of (Corresponding.Deposit.Amount) will be due upon contract signing. The remaining balance will be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

Image 35





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Payment schedule

Here’s our standard payment schedule. If you’d like to see any changes or would like to alter the payment schedule, please get in touch with [Sender.Company]​ and we can discuss other possible arrangements. 

Please note that failure to pay the money by the timeline mentioned in the payment schedule will result in a 10% late fee. Payment is not subject to the client accepting/rejecting the work. As long as quality work has been submitted by [Sender.Company], then [Client.Company] will be held liable for payment.


Payment Due

Before beginning the project

50% of the total fee

During the first submission

30% of the total fee

During the final submission

20% of the total fee

Agreement Form

If you are willing to move forward with the e-commerce development solution as it is described in this proposal, simply sign below to indicate your approval.







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E-Commerce Proposal Template

Used 6,230 times

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