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Modeling Agency Contract

PandaTip: The table in the template below details the personal and contact information for the model and agent who are signing the modeling agency contract. Use the table to create a powerful way to improve your contract management process.

Modeling Agency Contract
Optional Parent/Guardian Release

Whereas the below listed “Model” wishes to retain the below listed “Agency” as a counselor, promoter, and representative, the below listed parties hereby agree to enter into this modeling agency contract.


[Sender.Name] [Sender.Company]
Name Agency Name
[Sender.Street] [Sender.Email]
Street Email
[Sender.City], [Sender.State] [Sender.Zip] [Sender.Phone]
City, State, Zip Phone


[Client.Street] [Client.Email]
Street Email
[Client.City], [Client.State] [Client.Zip] [Client.Phone]
City, State, Zip Phone


PandaTip: This section of the template’s terms make it clear that the model is authorizing the agency to conduct business and enter into agreements on their behalf. The counsel section notes that the model is obligated and entitled to seek counsel from the Agency regarding their modelling career.


Model hereby appoints [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] to represent them in any and all forms regarding modeling,contracts, shows, and any other business matters related to their modelling career.
By allowing [Company.Name] limited power of attorney, agency will conduct agreements on behalf of model as well as provide signatures on any contracts and agreements on behalf of said model.


Model is hereby granted permission to seek counsel from Agency in any matter related to their professional modelling career.

Additionally, Model recognizes that Agency requires full disclosure in order to provide the maximum positive impact on Model’s career. Therefore, Model agrees to seek counsel with Agency regarding any matters related to Model’s career, including any potential professional projects.

Exclusive Rights

The agency has been granted the exclusive right to use the Model’s name, as well as all approved portraits and pictures in connection with the advertising and/or publicity for model.
Agency may publicize that it is the exclusive personal manager for Model, as well as offer similar services to others in close regard to model without any breach of terms or contract.
Model agrees to update all contact cards, photographs, calendars and any other promotional items on a regular basis as agreed between parties.

Agency Compensation

PandaTip: This section of the modeling agency contract template details how the model will compensate the agency for representation and counsel.

Model agrees to pay agency a set percent of [Agreed.Percentage]% of all monies, fees or other contributions received by Model for the duration of this modeling agency contract.
[Company.Name] shall collect all monies and payments for jobs conducted under this term agreement and will retain agreed payment percentage from said funds.

Individual Contractor

Model shall, for sake of taxes, state fees, and regulations be considered an individual contractor and will be responsible for all payments of such fees made due.

Agreement Term

This modeling agency contract shall commence on [Contract.StartDate] and end on [Contract.EndDate].
Both parties may, through a written extension signed by both parties, agree to extend this modeling agency contract past [Contract.EndDate] at their discretion.


PandaTip: It is important to an agency that every model under contract with them act in a professional manner at all times so as to avoid tarnishing the agency’s reputation. This section of the template makes it clear that the model is contractually obligated to appropriately represent the agency at all times during the term of this modeling agency contract.

The model will at all times conduct themselves with dignity and will do nothing considered unlawful during the term of this agreement. Furthermore the model will not pertake in any actions that may impair the models capabilities to comply with the terms of this agreement.
Model further agrees to abide by all rules and regulations put into place by the agency. Agency may, upon 30 days’ notice to Model, terminate this agreement for breach of this paragraph.


This modeling agency contract is in its entirety the complete agreement between parties. Under no conditions shall modification, alteration or amendment of any provisions contained herein be valid or binding unless in writing containing signatures from both parties involved.

Furthermore, the Model warrants that no other binding agreement is in force with any other party which would supercede this agreement.


PandaTip: This modeling agency contract template can be signed electronically by all parties. The optional parent/guardian release section below can be deleted from the template if unneeded.


Modeling Agency Contract Template

Optional Parent/Guardian Release

TI/We, the parents of [Client.Name] who is a at date of signature a minor under the age of eighteen (18) years, have read the above agreement and acknowledge that both we and our son/daughter have entered into this agreement with an understanding of its terms and conditions listed above.

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