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Mobile Marketing Proposal Template

PandaTip: This mobile marketing proposal template uses images and video to impress potential clients, and gives them the power of choice by offering three selectable packages via the template’s interactive pricing table.

This proposal is meant to offer a basic overview of our mobile marketing services. We offer several packages which are designed to suit various business budgets and requirements. In the “Packages” section, you will have the ability to select the mobile marketing package from the included table which you feel is best for your specific situation. Of course, we’re happy to develop a custom solution if none of our standard packages meet your needs.
If you have any questions regarding this proposal, feel free to reach out to me directly at [Sender.Email].

Our Background

The use of smartphones and tablets for communication, entertainment, and productivity has exploded in recent years, opening the door to numerous opportunities for brands and marketers. [Sender.Company] is a digital agency specializing in helping brands reach, engage, and monetize consumers via their mobile devices. We use a variety of methods to help you find your target audience when they’re using mobile devices, engage them with your unique value proposition, and convert them to paying, loyal customers with mobile-friendly purchasing experiences.

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Our Toolkit

Here are just a few of the ways we leverage mobile marketing to help our clients grow:

PandaTip: You can tweak the content here to fit your service offerings. We recommend using the image blocks on this page of the proposal template to show off your previous work!

Social Media

An overwhelming majority of interaction on social media takes place on mobile devices. By taking a mobile-first approach to social media, we help our clients build bigger audiences, engage in real time, and drive traffic from social media to their websites and digital storefronts.


People consume more content than ever on their smartphones and tablets, and we specialize in creating content that is optimized for mobile experiences. This allows us to foster organic, positive brand impressions that help our clients build effective brands.

App Store Advertising

Paid advertising is a new opportunity for app developers and publishers, and we help our clients take full advantage. We use app store advertising to provide app owners with a quick boost to downloads and revenue.

Website Development

Does your website work flawlessly on every mobile device? If not, our team can work with you to fix it. We’ll help you craft a website that offers a strong mobile experience without sacrificing desktop usability.

In-App Advertising

In-app advertising is a form of mobile marketing that allows brands to reach their target audiences inside the apps they’re using today. We work with clients to craft strong visual ads with effective calls-to-action while maximizing their campaign budgets for lead generation and conversion.

[Testimonial.Company]’s experience with us:

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Check out this video to learn how [Testimonial.Company] grew by relying on our mobile marketing services:


PandaTip: The text fields on this page of the template allow you to describe exactly what’s included in your mobile marketing packages. Of course, you can always change the names of the packages by clicking any of the header blocks.

We offer three mobile marketing packages, detailed in this section of the proposal.

Startup Package

We designed our Startup package for new brands who want to begin leveraging mobile advertising on a limited budget. The package includes the following:

Accelerator Package

Our Accelerator package is for existing companies that want to grow faster via mobile marketing. The package includes:

Dominator Package

The Dominator package is our premium offering for brands who want to make a strong push for greater market share via mobile marketing. It includes:

Use the table below to select the package that’s right for you, along with the number of months you’d like to agree to as part of your initial marketing agreement.

PandaTip: This template’s interactive pricing table allows your prospect to select the package that’s right for them and indicate how many months they’d like to sign on with your company for.

Name Price/Month Months Subtotal

Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00

Ready to grow with mobile marketing?

Once you’ve chosen a package and indicated the number of months you’d like to engage us for during your initial term, simply sign this proposal below to notify us of your intent to move forward.


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