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Mobile App Design Proposal Template

Dear [Customer.Name],

This document is a mobile app design proposal, based on our previous discussion of your goal to develop a mobile app for [Client.Company]. On the following pages, you will find examples of our past work followed by a tentative schedule for designing your mobile app and pricing for our design services. After you’ve reviewed the proposal, feel free to communicate any questions or concerns using the comment menu to the right, or email me directly at [Sender.Email].

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your mobile app design needs!


Our Work

We are proud to offer top-notch mobile app design services to our clients around the world. We leverage the latest in UX technology to design mobile experiences which foster brand engagement, loyalty, and consumer activation (purchases). Here are a few examples of apps we’ve designed:

PandaTip: Use the images in this section of the template to show off your previous work.

Project Description/ Scope of Work

We are pleased to offer this mobile app design proposal for your review. On this page, you’ll find details regarding the tentative design timeline for your project.

Your mobile app design project will progress through the following stages:

  1. Customer Meetings/ Design Specifications: We will meet with you to discuss the specific features and purpose of your app.
  2. UX Flow Charts: We will create a flow chart visualizing how users interact with your app and it’s features.
  3. App Screen Wireframes: We will create basic sketches of the app’s various screens and menus.
  4. Initial Mockups: We will create detailed color mockups of the app’s various screens and menus.
  5. Interactive Prototype: We will create an interactive mockup that will mimic the UX of the final app to demonstrate how users will interact with the final version.

PandaTip: Use the table in this section of the mobile app design proposal template to communicate your estimated project timeline.

Design Stage Estimated Completion Date
Customer Meetings/ Design Specifications
UX Flow Charts
App Screen Wireframes
Initial Mockups
Interactive Prototype


PandaTip: This template is written with the assumption that you’ll bill the project on an hourly basis. If you wish to bill at a flat rate, simply edit the wording of the paragraph below.

We offer our mobile app design services on a per-hour basis. Hours will be billed on a weekly basis throughout the project. Each invoice will include a detailed breakdown of the roles that were active in the design project for the previous week, and how many hours each role was billed for.
The pricing table below shows the rate for each project role, along with an estimated number of the hours required to complete the project.

Name Hourly Rate Estimated Hours Subtotal

Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00


PandaTip: You will receive an email notification when your client esigns this proposal template.

If you wish to move forward with [Sender.Company] as your vendor for this mobile app design project, please esign this proposal below.

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