Accounting and tax templates

Use these non-excel accounting and tax proposal templates to create, track, manage, and organize details. Most PandaDoc templates include an electronic signature section that should be signed and then sent to your customer. We also created sample templates that help you streamline your accounting process to be more collaborative and increase revenue.

Accounting Proposal Template

This free customizable accounting proposal is great for small accounting firms and certified public accountants (CPAs) looking to help businesses become more efficient and financially stable by leaving the numbers to the pros.

W-9 Tax Form

The W9 tax form also called the Taxpayer Identification and Certification form, is a document that employees fill out as part of their onboarding process.

OPM 71 Form

An OPM 71 is a form from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

IRS Form 1040-ES

The 1040 ES, also called the Estimated Tax For Individuals Form, is an IRS tax form used by contractors and consultants to calculate tax payments to the IRS throughout the year.

Form W2

The W2 form, also called a Wage & Tax Statement, is an IRS tax form that your company must send to each employee and to the IRS each year.

Form W-8BEN

The W8-BEN Form is a form required by the IRS, similar to the W9 form that employees and subcontractors in the United States must submit to employers

Form W-4

The W4 is an IRS tax form that helps employers know the correct amount of taxes to withhold from employees’ paychecks.

1099-MISC Form

The 1099-MISC Form is an IRS tax form used to report payments made from a company to contractors or consultants.

1040EZ Form

Form 1040EZ is an IRS Tax Form used to file federal tax returns with the IRS in the United States

1040 Form

Form 1040 is an official tax document used by individuals to file tax returns with the IRS in the United States.

Bookkeeping Contract Template

This bookkeeping contract template may be used by an independent accountant, bookkeeper, or agency as a service contract with new commercial clients.

Tax Invoice Template

This is a free example of a standard tax invoice template that you can edit for the purposes of charging VAT or sales tax.

Audit Proposal Template

If you are in the business of helping other businesses with audit reviews, use this free audit proposal template to inform your prospective clients on how you can help them through the audit process as well as pass the final review. Feel free to edit where appropriate.

Accounting Services Proposal Template

Impress your business clients with this detailed accounting services proposal! The template includes pre-written accounting services description, a large pricing table, and electronic signature fields.

Accounting Contract Template

This accounting contract template can be customized in minutes and includes electronic signature fields for you and your client.