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Audit Proposal Template

This audit proposal is written as a letter in response to a request for proposals from a client. It provides information on the company, describes the services to be offered, and it provides an estimate of the cost of the audit. The main goal of this audit proposal is to persuade the client to select you to perform the audit.

Dear Mr. [LASTNAME],

Thank you for the invitation to submit this audit proposal for [DESCRIBE THE AUDIT]. On behalf of [COMPANY NAME], I would like to say that we would be honored to be able to assist with your [DESCRIBE]. All audits performed by [COMPANY NAME] are performed in accordance with all applicable accounting and auditing standards.

All auditors at [COMPANY NAME] hold…

This is where you sell your staff’s education and experience to perform the audit functions needed.

At [COMPANY NAME], we deliver comprehensive assurance work with regular communication. In addition to our auditing and assurance services, [COMPANY NAME] provides the following financial services:


We have many years of experience auditing both nonprofit and for profit organizations. Moreover, we are well versed in transitioning clients from their previous auditors to ours. Initially, we would like to hold a meeting to learn more about your company and to understand your pain points, any issues and your expectations. Following this initial meeting we will begin our audit and report to you any issues we find.

We estimate the audit to take no longer than [TIMEFRAME]. Our fee for the auditing services will be [$].

We look forward to the opportunity to support you.

Thank you,


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