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Audit Proposal Template

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Audit Proposal Template

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName][Client.Company]

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About Us

With over (Number) years of experience in the industry, [Sender.Company] has become a seasoned veteran in the auditing space. [Sender.Company] was founded by (Name.Founder) in (Year) as a humble business that aimed to remove the bottlenecks faced by small business owners. As the years progressed, we went on to capture global markets.

Today, although our headquarters are located in [Sender.City], we help companies all over the world. Our goal is to keep this momentum of growth going, and make our customers happy (and audit their work) every step of the way.

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[Sender.Company] firmly believes that auditing is an important part of any business, and hence strives to help both small and large businesses across the globe reach quality standards so that they can maintain an outstanding reputation with both local and international authorities alike. With our help, our clients always know where they stand and are well positioned to take any strategic measures that improve their business processes.


Our aim is to help organizations perform due diligence. We’re not just a company doing their audit work — we’re their business partner who helps them understand the strengths and the flaws of their organization. And together, we constantly improve on removing all bottlenecks. ​

Key Team Members

Image 1
Image 2
Mary Smith

Type member bio…

Jack Brown

Type member bio…

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Our Services

[Sender.Company] has a vast range of expertise, and we offer services in the following niches: audit and assurance, risk mitigation, financial advisory, consulting, mergers, acquisition, and taxation. To learn more about our service offering and how we can benefit you, please contact [Sender.FirstName] at [Sender.Email] and they’ll be happy to guide you further.

About Your Query

Dear [Client.FirstName],

At [Sender.Company], we are delighted at the prospect of assisting you with audit work for your firm. From your request for proposal, we understand that you have the following audit requirements:

Audit Requirement 1

Audit Requirement 2

Audit Requirement 3

We are pleased to let you know that all members of our audit team are certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and follow an audit approach that is in lockstep with all accounting and auditing standards. Additionally, all our auditors also hold:

(Certification.Degree 1)

(Certification.Degree 2)

(Certification.Degree 3)

Furthermore, at [Sender.Company], we understand that auditing and financial reporting are important necessities to gain insights into an enterprise's current and future state, which is why we create audit reports and conduct audit experiences that are frictionless and don’t affect your day-to-day work.

[Sender.Company] is proud to let you know that we have the experience of working with multiple for-profit and nonprofit companies, and at local and international levels. We also specialize in helping our partners swiftly transition from existing audit firms to ours.

Finally, aside from the aforementioned requested deliverables, [Sender.Company] has extensive expertise in conducting other audit work too. Based on your audit plan, we think these add-on services might be beneficial:

Describe Audit Service (example: assurance service)

Describe Audit Service (example: internal audit)

Describe Audit Service (example: global audit)

Audit Deliverables

Audit Work


Audit Team Key Personnel

Study financial statements

Number of Days

Number of Personnel

Prepare an audit process

Number of Days

Number of Personnel

Describe other audit work

Number of Days

Number of Personnel

Describe other audit work

Number of Days

Number of Personnel

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Expenditures and Pricing





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




As you can see from the above figures, completing the entire project would require (Number) days, and would cost a sum total of $0.00.

We respectfully request that our teams conduct a meeting so that [Sender.Company] can understand and address all [Client.Company]’s pain points. Post the meeting, we will begin working on the audit plan for your firm. [Sender.Company] is very pro-communication, so we will inform you immediately in the case of any alarming issues or important details.

Why Choose Us?

[Sender.Company] has a long-standing history of serving clients in the auditing space. We’ve served names like [Client.Company], [Client.Company], [Client.Company], and others, helping them mitigate risk, improve due diligence, and advance core business operations.

We not only have the desired experience that you need, but we also excel in customer service — to us, you’re more than another client; you’re also our business partner. We aim toward creating real connections, assisting our customers beyond the scope of what’s absolutely necessary, and that sets us apart from the rest.

[Sender.Company] has always been known for being easy to work with — we meet our deliverables on time, we provide excellent service, we prefer open communication for easy delivery of services, our auditing standards are up to industry standards, and we cultivate real relationships. Our team is always here to help you, whenever you need us.

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Client Testimonials

We have a long-standing history of serving our partners to meet their standards of quality. Here are a few testimonials from some of [Sender.Company]’s biggest clients:​

(Client Testimonial 1) ​[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]

(Client Testimonial 2) (Client2.FirstName) (Client2.LastName)

(Client Testimonial 3) (Client3.FirstName) (Client3.LastName)

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Terms and Conditions


Both parties agree that if the project deliverables remain the same, the project will be delivered at the latest by (MM.DD.YYYY), unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. To extend the timeline of the project, the extension agreement has to be in writing and signed by both parties.


[Sender.Company] agrees that all confidential and sensitive information shared by [Client.Company] will remain as such. [Sender.Company] agrees to only use the information as necessary during the agreement of the contract.

Confidential information is not information that is available to the public, or has been disclosed to third-parties by [Client.Company], or is common knowledge to the public.


[Client.Company] agrees that [Sender.Company] is only committing to the following deliverables:

Deliverable 1

Deliverable 2

Deliverable 3

Anything that goes beyond the scope of these deliverables will be charged by the [Sender.Company] separately. [Sender.Company] also reserves the right to accept or not accept requests for any further deliverables.

Relationships between parties

From the time [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] enter into this contract, they will enter a professional relationship that will remain only until the time project deliverables have been achieved. [Client.Company] will be known as the “client” and [Sender.Company] will be known as the “contractor.” These are the only two parties entering the agreement, and they may change the nature of their relationship if consensually agreed upon by both parties. ​


For the aforementioned project deliverable, [Sender.Company] has quoted a price of (Amount), which has to be paid within 30 days after project completion. A partial upfront payment of (Number.Percent) has to be made within 10 days of signing the contract, and only then will the project begin by [Sender.Company].

If a payment delivery exceeds 30 days, then a (Number.Percent) late fee will be applicable. Any work done further than the assigned deliverables will be charged separately and will also have a (Number.Percent) late fee if payment is not made within 30 days.

Termination of the contract

If the contract is terminated in any way by [Sender.Company] and the project has been fulfilled to a certain capacity, [Client.Company] will have to pay [Sender.Company](Amount), an amount that has been predetermined by both parties.

If the contract is terminated due to any action of the [Client.Company], [Client.Company] will be held liable to pay the full amount as agreed upon, unless otherwise stipulated by [Sender.Company]. If both parties mutually consent to terminate the contract, then payment is up to the discretion of the client and the contractor.

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Issues and Grievances

For any issues or grievances faced during the scope of work, or if any of the above clauses, or conditions in the clauses have been broken during or after the project, then the matter will be taken up by the courts as per the local laws and jurisdictions of [Sender.City] and [Client.City], whichever is applicable in accordance with where the contract is executed between parties.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you soon!





Audit Proposal Template

Used 5,687 times

Reviewed by Denis Malkov

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