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Delivery Order Template


This is usually the party that is contractually responsible for delivering the goods. Most likely, this will be the contractor or supplier. They are the ones issuing the Delivery Order. Provide their name and address here.


Shipper Ref. No.:

You may want to add these reference numbers for your own tracking purposes.

Agent No.:


This is who the goods are ultimately being delivered to – i.e. the party that presumably paid for the goods. Provide their name and address here.

Forwarding Agent:

Is an agent or freight forwarder handling the shipment? If so, provide their name and address here.

Pre-Carriage By:

“Pre-Carriage” is the stretch between the initial pick-up location and the port of origin.


This would be the party responsible for the main stretch (or “Main Carriage”) from the port of origin to port of destination. An airline or ocean vessel perhaps?

Port of Origin:

Port of Destination:

On-Carriage By:

The party reasonable for shipping from the port of destination to the consignee or final destination.

Final Destination:

Delivery Date:

Container Desc.:


Of the container, that is.


Of the container, that is.

Number of Pieces:

Items to be delivered:


Part No.


Notes and instructions:


_________________________________    ______________

[NAME], [TITLE]                                          DATE