Family Law Templates

Family law agreements are potentially the hardest to speak about, which makes them potentially the most important. We’ve created this free library of family law templates in order to make things a little easier for you.

Chores Agreement Template

Chores Agreement Template

As a parent, you want to both teach your kids responsibility and to get housework done. Try using this free chores agreement to motivate them.

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Divorce Settlement Agreement Template

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While knowing that laws vary by state and country, this divorce settlement template outlines the typical clauses to legally sever the relationship and establish the terms of the divorce.

Child Custody Agreement Template

Child Custody Agreement Template

Use this standard custody agreement template to outline the key conditions of the most important aspect of a divorce. Just remember that custody and divorce laws vary by country and state, so you should always consult a local lawyer.

Joint Custody Agreement Template

Joint Custody Agreement Template

Use this standard joint custody agreement template to outline the key conditions of this most important aspect of a divorce. Just remember that custody and divorce laws vary by country and state, so you should always consult a local lawyer.

Living Will Template

Living Will Template

Life is unexpected, so you must be prepared. Use this living will template (sample) to outline what steps you want and don’t want to be taken, in those worst case scenarios.

Nanny Contract Template

Nanny Contract Template

This Nanny Agreement template outlines the scope of agreement regarding each side’s duties and expectations relating to employment as a nanny for children.

Family Law Templates

Ours is a time of sweeping changes in all spheres of human life, and social institutions are no exception. Being a part of this across-the-board trend, the notion and definition of a family are undergoing serious transformations in the early third millennium. However radical this shift may seem, we still consider the family as a group of people who have stable intimate relationships and are financially interdependent. 

Such an affinity between kith and kin presupposes trust among them and an ability to negotiate a solution in case any problem or argument arises. In an ideal world. But in real-world contexts, this is not what always happens. That is why formalizing family agreements makes perfect sense, thus making a contract between family members subject to family law.

Why Do You Need a Family Agreement Contract?

Of course, you may have an oral arrangement concerning the issues of care, household duties, and assets. However, even in the conditions of family harmony, having everything written down fair and square helps all people to be aware of the provisions and settlements and ensure they are all happy about them and intend to comply with stipulations. In case of a conflict, a properly written and signed simple family settlement agreement sample or a family business agreement template can prevent unscrupulous relatives from taking advantage of less astute family members and spare much legal trouble if litigation begins.

What are the typical use cases when you can find a detailed family agreement sample most instrumental?

As with any legally-binding documents, these forms must be precise, correct, unambiguous, and cover all related issues. To achieve this quality, you should address a high-profile attorney specializing in family law who will draw such a contract for you. Sounds like too much trouble and expenses? PandaDoc offers a hassle-free way to tackle the family agreement routine that won’t cost you a penny.

Family Contract Examples Provided By PandaDoc

The epoch of Industry 4.0 places special demands on any red-tape routine – and that is 24/7 availability and mobile-friendliness. With PandaDoc, you can get access to customizable family settlement agreement sample forms of various kinds to have them always at your fingertips in your gadget and print them out to sign papers at your convenience. What templates can you find on our site?

Smooth Family Contract Handling with PandaDoc

Legal paperwork is always bewildering and time-consuming, while modern people are always pressed for time and have dozens of errands to attend to. PandaDoc will turn the red-tape routine in the domain of family law into a hassle-free task that will take minimum effort. Visit our site to get access to ready-made family agreement templates and save your valuable time and money. 

Family Law FAQ

How do you write a family contract agreement?

It all depends on the type of contract you are going to create. Most of them contain responsibilities and obligations of the parties, stipulations as to the assets and property, and support clauses. Yet, whatever the type, make sure the document is precise in wording, has clear consequences and warranties, and complies with local regulations in the realm.

Is a family agreement legally binding?

Even if it is an oral agreement recorded as a memorandum, it is admissible in a court of law (although it is much more difficult to enforce). In the form of a written contract, it is a valid and legally binding document applicable to all signatories. To give it more weight, you can have two witnesses attest to the agreement.

What is a family agreement law?

It is a complex of legislative acts and a legal practice area whose focus is diverse problems pertaining to family relationships. This umbrella term covers marriages, divorces, adoption, child custody, last wills, and other matters that involve property and financial issues, parental rights and responsibilities, guardianship, etc. These regulations differ depending on the national or state jurisdiction.