Affidavit Form Templates

Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Support Form

An individual who agrees to bear financial responsibility for the applicant’s immigration to the United States must sign an Affidavit of Support Form.

Affidavit of Heirship

Affidavit of Heirship Form

An Affidavit of Heirship lists the deceased person’s heirs, attests to their legal right to receive the estate’s assets, and establishes their familial connection to the deceased.

Texas Residency Affidavit

Texas Residency Affidavit Form

The Texas Residency Affidavit attests to the person’s domicile or place of living. After properly completed and notarized, the affidavit can be used. It has a number of sections that need to be filled out with prepared and trustworthy information.

Affidavit of Residency

Affidavit of Residency Form

A notarized Affidavit of Residency serves as proof of residency for any individual; it can be used to establish the applicant’s address or the address of anyone who resides with him.

Affidavit of Service

Affidavit of Service Form

Affidavits of Service, also known as proof of service of process, are legal documents that certify the delivery of papers.

Select your blank affidavit form for legal proceedings to outline true and correct facts. Our affidavit form free templates will help you to create the document accurately and efficiently.

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a written statement that an individual makes under oath. It’s essentially similar to a witness’s testimony in a court. Before testifying on a trial, a witness gives an oath that all the facts they will state are true under the penalty of perjury. 

Affidavits make a crucial compound of court proceedings because they outline the details associated with the case, which can simplify decision-making for judges. Furthermore, these documents are instrumental in record-keeping.

Affidavit forms must be signed in the presence of witnesses and notarized. The document can be considered valid only when composed voluntarily and without coercion.

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When You Can Use an Affidavit Form

Affidavits are majorly applied when an individual must make a statement under oath. Such a need may arise from the person’s specific knowledge or experience that a person is required to share. A notarized affidavit form can be required for court proceedings or disputes. 

The document finds its use in the following cases:

Under some scenarios, affidavits are mandatory, but this is not always the case. The legal rules regarding these documents are formulated by state law.

How Many Types of Affidavits Are There?

Affidavit forms vary significantly depending on their intended purpose. Lawyers often design the documents according to their needs in each particular case. However, there are numerous types of affidavits that follow standard formats. For your convenience, we list the 14 common forms below. 

Affidavit Templates by Type

You can select the necessary affidavit type on our website, download your affidavit form for free, and fill it out seamlessly following our recommendations. 

What’s Included in an Affidavit Form?

As a rule, affidavit forms are easy to prepare. However, you should meticulously check whether you provide all the necessary information. Otherwise, your document may be deemed invalid. The critical sections of the statement include the following:

Given the wide variety of available affidavit types, composing your own affidavit may seem challenging. Therefore, we offer convenient affidavit forms online to help you ease and expedite the process. You can also share the document with all the involved parties. 

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How to Write an Affidavit?

An affidavit form is a crucial document in the litigation process; therefore, it must be accurate and articulate. You should pay meticulous attention to detail and ensure that the form is complete, error-free, and truthful. Follow these eight steps to create an appropriate affidavit.

Step 1: Arrange a proper formatting

An affidavit is an official document that must be composed in compliance with special formatting rules. Organize your statements into sections and number each paragraph. Keep your sentences clear and concise. 

Step 2: Include all the vital information

Take time to organize your thoughts and make sure that nothing is left behind. Start with composing a detailed outline in order to include every minor detail in your affidavit. Your document should be precise and descriptive to bring maximum use in legal proceedings.

Step 3: Establish a title

The title of your affidavit should convey the essence of the document. The optimal approach would be to indicate your name and the purpose or type of the affidavit. For instance, 

“Financial Affidavit of <Name>.”

Step 4: Set up an identity statement

The necessary compound of the affidavit is an appropriate self-identification. You should provide the essential information about yourself in several sentences. Include your name, age, place of work, and address.

Step 5: Confirm truthfulness

A legal document, an affidavit must contain the part where you certify that all the listed statements are true and accurate. Therefore, you should add a sentence where you affirm your honesty. Thus, you can declare that the information in the affidavit is true to the best of your knowledge and understanding.

Step 6: Include all the pertinent facts

Think of all the relevant facts you need to share with the court. This section must be detailed enough, though you should make it clear and readable. Make sure that you include even minor details. However, you should remember about the proper structure and concise presentation. Split your text into paragraphs and use short sentences to get your point through.

Step 7: Sign and notarize your affidavit

After you have composed your affidavit, it’s time to legalize it. The process requires your signature in the presence of a notary public. The notary acts as a witness and certifies that you signed the statement voluntarily.

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Who signs an Affidavit Form?

The individual who composes a sworn statement, called an affiant, must be the one who signs the document. In most cases, an affiant should be above 18 years; however, minors can also sign an affidavit in some situations. If a person is mentally incapacitated, a guardian can sign an affidavit on their behalf. 

The document must be signed before a notary public or other officially designated officer of the court.


What are affidavits?

An affidavit is an official document that contains the statement made under oath. Just like a court of law witness, an affiant swears that all the information outlined in the paper is correct. An affidavit incurs the same penalty of perjury; however, it is employed to attest to things beyond the courtroom as well.

What is an affidavit form?

An affidavit form is a written document that contains a sworn statement. An affiant gives an oath that all the information outlined in the affidavit is true to the best of their knowledge. An affidavit must be crafted voluntarily and can be used in various types of legal proceedings.

How to fill out an affidavit form?

Make your affidavit as clear and precise as possible. Follow several simple steps to ensure seamless completion.

  • Compose a straightforward title for your affidavit;
  • Outline the essential information about yourself;
  • Establish a statement of truth;
  • Include all the relevant facts;
  • Check your text and revise it if needed;
  • Sign and notarize your affidavit.

Do affidavit forms need to be notarized?

To make an affidavit legally binding, an affiant must sign and notarize it. Sign your document before a notary public or another official, who can also serve as a witness that you put your signature without coercion. If the statements in the affidavit appear to be untruthful, they get under a penalty of perjury.

Where can I get an affidavit form template?

Considering the numerous types of affidavits and the required sections many of them must contain to be valid, we at PandaDoc, collected a set of affidavit sample forms. You can download them for free and fill them out according to our recommendations. This way, you’ll minimize the risk of leaving out any important information.

How to write an affidavit template?

Our affidavit forms online are clear and easy to complete. Select your affidavit type from the available options, fill it out, download it, and share it according to your needs. Our handy online notarization service will allow you to legalize your document within several minutes. The whole process is transparent and reliable.