VAT Invoice

The top section of this VAT Invoice Template is intended to record details related to the invoice’s issuer, such as your registration and VAT numbers.

Issuing Company:
[Sender.City], [Sender.State] [Sender.Zip]
Registration Number:
VAT Registration Number:

Invoice Number: [Invoice.Number]

Use the pricing table below to list all items included in this VAT Invoice template.
Use the menu to the right to set the appropriate VAT percentage.


Subtotal       $0.00
VAT Invoice Percentage (0%)    $0.00

Total Inclusive of VAT    $0.00

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Thank you for your Prompt Payment

You can alter the text at the bottom of this VAT Invoice Template to reflect your company’s payment terms and late fees.

Payment of the full amount (including VAT) listed above is due no later than [VAT.InvoiceDueDate]. Payments past this date are subject to late fees.

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