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Shopify Proposal Template

Scope and Goals

[SIGNER.Company] are currently selling some amazing products. For example, you have some of the best [CLIENT PRODUCT 1], [CLIENT PRODUCT 2] and [CLIENT PRODUCT 3] on the market and a huge amount of potential to make a lot of money. However, we think you’ve got a website that doesn’t match the quality of your products.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then we think you should consider Shopify. Tens of billions of dollars worth of good have been sold through the Shopify online platform, and hundreds of thousands of retailers use it.

A few things that Shopify can bring to your business are:

  • Android/iPhone apps;
  • Unlimited product listings and easy inventory management;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Detailed reports about your online store;
  • Greater access to new clients and more potential clients;
  • Help with web design of your ecommerce site;
  • Flexible shipping costs;
  • Gift cards.

At [SENDER.Company], we are Shopify experts. We help clients like you to make the most of its features, boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

We use our proven experience with the Shopify to develop a detailed plan and integrate your business with the platform.

PandaTip: Use this part of the proposal process as an opportunity to outline how Shopify can be an effective way to run your eCommerce website. Showcase features and benefits such as using a Shopify theme, credit card support, getting a personalized Shopify store, a better user experience and more.



Shopify Setup

We will meet up with you and help you to better understand your products, customers and chosen market in general.




In order to effectively implement everything necessary to make your business a success, we’ll need around [WEEKS NEEDED] weeks. We’ll start right away after you’ve signed the proposal.


Further Recommendations

Besides what we’ve described above, we can offer a range of additional services if you’re interested in taking your business to the next level.



Online Support Retainer

Regular and ongoing updates to the site to ensure that it’s always up to date without you having to worry about it.


We’ll provide even more detailed analytics than Shopify and Google Analytics already provide, giving you valuable insight.

Marketing Strategy Development

Copywriting Service


Meet the Team

Our team of proven experts will always be on hand to assist you with anything you might need. We’ve got [YEARS OF OPERATION] years of industry experience and success, so you know you’re purchasing a service you can trust.





Chief Strategist



Case Studies

Project Aims and Challenges


Our Approach


The Results



Contract and Statement of Work






We agree to give our best efforts to provide the services detailed above. You agree to help us achieve this by providing necessary information and cooperating with us throughout the process.

Charging for Our Services

We will amend our charges to reflect any services requested which go beyond the scope of this agreement. To resume any projects dormant for more than [DORMANT PERIOD] days will incur fees at the discretion [SENDER.Company].

Payment Terms

[Payment Terms]


Total Budget


Payment Agreement

You agree to pay our first invoice upon receiving it. This will act as a deposit for the remainder of the project. Further invoices will be paid within [PAYMENT PERIOD] days of receipt. Late payment will incur a penalty of [LATE PAYMENT PENALTY]% for each month overdue. [SENDER.Company] reserves the right to withhold services from [SIGNER.Company] until the overdue payment is made.

Collection Fees

If we incur legal fees while attempting to collect issued invoices, [SIGNER.Company] will be liable to cover all such fees in addition to the late payment fees and unpaid balance.


[SIGNER.Company] is entitled to cancel any plans or works in process, but agree to pay [SENDER.Company] for all expenses and costs incurred by [SENDER.Company] prior to cancellation, and relating to un-cancellable commitments. We agree to minimize such expenses and costs to the best of our ability.

[Sender.Company] and [Signer.Company] Responsibilities

[SENDER.Company] will obtain any necessary authorization to use copyrighted materials, photographs and any other rights or properties of third parties while providing services for you.

[SIGNER.Company] will guarantee that any images, text or other artwork provided to us is owned by you or that you have obtained permission to use them.

Once all fees have been paid by [SIGNER.Company], copyright will be distributed in the following way:

  • [SIGNER.Company] will own all visual elements created for the project, including all source files provided by us.
  • [SENDER.Company] will own the combination of the elements that make up the complete design, which we will license to you in perpetuity and exclusively, unless we agree on other terms in writing.


[SENDER.Company] agrees to use all reasonable efforts to retain the confidentiality of any materials provided to us by, or produced for [SIGNER.Company].


This agreement will begin on [START DATE] and continue until either party terminates it, with no less than [TERMINATION PERIOD] days notice in writing.

Either party may terminate this agreement immediately by providing written notice in the case of the other party being insolvent or receiving an insolvency petition, if a trustee or other similar agent is appointed regarding any business or property of the other party, if the other party assigns for the benefit of creditors, or if [SIGNER.Company] materially breaches the payment terms defined in this agreement.

Renumeration for Expenses

Any expenses incurred by [SENDER.Company] that are non-cancelable must be paid for by SIGNER.Company]. We agree to minimize such expenses to the best of our ability upon notification in writing from you.

Materials Unpaid For

[SIGNER.Company] agrees not to use any materials provided by [SENDER.Company] that are unpaid for upon termination of this agreement.

Relevant Law

The terms of this agreement are governed by [LAW].


Each party warrants and represents that the other party has full authority to enter this agreement without violating any third party’s legal rights.

Entire Agreement

This agreement makes the entire agreement between [SENDER.Company] and [SIGNER.Company] and supersedes any other understanding of any kind between the two parties.


Any provision of this agreement found to be illegal or unenforceable under the law will be fully severable. The remaining provisions will remain in force.



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