SAP Proposal Template

PandaTip: SAP proposals often require a lot of detail. They can run into dozens of pages, so it’s important to have a comprehensive plan of action before producing and sending off the proposal. You may require a table of contents and appendix, so need to be clear with your decision making.

1. Background and Introduction

About [SENDER.Company]

PandaTip: In this introductory section, try to cover a bit of history about your company, business process and where you are now, so the reader has some context.

Need for SAP

PandaTip: Here, you want to concisely explain your primary reasons for needing SAP. For example, are you looking to streamline an existing process? Try to cover this within 100 words.

2. Details of Project

PandaTip: This is a very important part of the proposal, where you need to detail what the project will involve and when you need it finished by, etc. You can reference an annex that has more detail and figures.

Project Scope

PandaTip: Give a short summary of the project and what you need the SAP business software to do for your company. You don’t need to go into a lot of detail here as the bulk of the briefing can be included later. This is just to help the project manager or team members who are reading to quickly comprehend what the project is about and determine whether they can execute it.


PandaTip: Add details to make it clear what is expected. Do you want training, implementation plans, quality assurance, consulting services, questions and answers (Q&A) session, and ongoing support to restore lost services included in the SAP service?

Our Team Structure



Roles and Responsibilities

Issue Resolution

3. Bidding Process

PandaTip: Give a brief timeline of milestones in the bidding process i.e. opening date for receiving bids and deadline for receiving bids.

4. Analysis of Bids

PandaTip: Here, you should detail the process your company will go through to evaluate the bids you receive. For example, ‘Prequalification for Bids’ can include the criteria a potential bidder must meet before you will even consider their bid. You could also use this opportunity to break down how much value you will place on the technical and financial aspects of the bids when deciding which bid to accept.

Pre-Qualification for Bids

Technical Bid Analysis

Financial Bid Analysis

Final Analysis

PandaTip: You can give an explanation here of how you will evaluate the bids. For example, to give an idea of whether technical or financial aspects are more important to you, you may want to provide the formula you will use to evaluate bids.

5. Terms and Conditions

PandaTip: This section of the SAP proposal template is very important as it includes all of the fine-print and closes any loopholes. We’ve given some useful sub-headings that will help to guide the completion of this section.

Milestone Payments


Implementing Team


Right to Change Requirements and Quantities

No Commitment to Accept Any/the Lowest Bid

Rejecting a Bid

Ownership of Proposal


Request for Proposal for implementation of SAP Systems at [SENDER.Company]

The Language of the Bid

Price Freezing


Contract Finalization

Award of contract

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Force Majeure Clause

Liquidated Damages and Penalty Clause

Order Cancellation

Resolution of Disputes

Governing Law and Disputes

Corrupt or Fraudulent practices

Annual Technical


Maintenance Contract

Service Level Agreements

Earnest Money Deposit

Performance Security


PandaTip: The Annexe section is where the really important details of the bidding process are included. Potential bidders should use this proposal to get all the information their project manager and team members need to make a full, properly-informed bid and professional service, so don’t hold back on detail here – it’ll make up their entire knowledge base for the project. We’ve given some examples of annexes you may want to include, depending on the nature of your business process and SAP proposal.

Annex A: Instruction to bidders for proposal preparation

PandaTip: Here, you can provide things like the contact details of your point of contact, as well as the different parts of the SAP bid that you expect. For example, the proof of pre-qualification for the bidding process, a technical bid, and a financial bid.

All bid-related materials should be sent to the following address:


Contact Details:

[SENDER.FirstName] [SENDER.LastName]

Pre-Qualification for Bidding

Technical Bid

Financial Bid

Annex B: Format of Bidding Documents

PandaTip: In this annex, you can give details on how to standardize the format of the bids, making it easier for you to evaluate them.

Cover Letter Format

Pre-Qualification Bid Format

Technical Bid Format

Financial Bid Format

Annex C: Detailed Requirements

PandaTip: This section is likely to form the bulk of the entire SAP proposal. It’s where all the important detailed information about the proposal is. It’s how bidders will know exactly what service their software needs to provide, and how to plan their decision making and project management. For this reason, it needs to include everything any potential bidder needs to make an informed and accurate bid.

Service Contract

PandaTip: You may want to include a copy of the service contract for the bidders to look over before submitting a bid. We recommend getting a contract lawyer to produce this for you as it can be legally binding once signed by both parties.

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