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Product Sales Proposal Template


PandaTip: With the introduction, you should try to concisely convey exactly what value you’re going to bring to the company you’re approaching.

What our product can do for you:

At [SENDER.Company], we provide [SIGNER.Industry] companies like [SIGNER.Company] with innovative solutions to [SIGNER.Need1], [SIGNER.Need2] and more, with [Product1].

PandaTip: When using a sales proposal to explain what your value your product is going to bring to the company, whether it’s increased sales, better efficiency or anything else, try to break it down into the most simple terms you can and use plain English. The company may receive a large number of proposals, so the reader needs to understand the exact purpose of the product immediately and be convinced that their company needs it ASAP.


PandaTip: Here, you can go into detail about how and why you designed the product. What problem were you trying to solve? What innovations make it different from other products? Justify the cost. The purpose of a product sales proposal template is to make a sale, so always try to bring it back to iterating the direct value it will have for the potential client.

Our Team

PandaTip: With this section, you can add a human element to the product, making it less about business and it’s a way for you to start to build a relationship with the reader. You can include any team members you feel are linked to the sale or delivery of the product in some way, just keep it brief and relevant. Depending on the nature of the product and general context, you can adjust the tone to be more business-like, more light-hearted etc.


Your Account Manager: [SENDER.AccountManagerBio]

Product Support: [SENDER.ProductSupportBio]

Your Investment

PandaTip: This section will essentially be the pricing section of the sales proposal, but it’s a good idea to avoid using words like ‘Cost’ and ‘Price’, as parting with money is the least enjoyable part of the buying process. Instead, by talking about the ‘investment’ the reader is making, it’s implying that they can expect some sort of return, shifting the focus to the value it can bring them, not what they’re going to lose.

We understand that different clients have different needs and we have a range of options to reflect this:

[Pricing Table]

Our Guarantee

PandaTip: Offering customers a guarantee is an excellent way to calm any fears they might still have about the investment, particularly if they’re a small business. What it consists of will depend on what you’re comfortable with, but some sort of guarantee is generally a good idea. A classic example would be:

At [SENDER.Company], we’re so confident that [SENDER.Product] will deliver [Guarantee Criteria], that if it doesn’t, we’ll refund you in full.

PandaTip: If you’re not willing or able to risk offering a full money-back guarantee, you can try something less risky, but still effective. For example, offering to send the potential client a free sample or limited free trial so they can see the quality and benefits for themselves with no risk to their own bottom line.

Meet [Testimonial First Name]

PandaTip: With this section, you can help to further build trust with the reader by introducing the story of a satisfied customer or their own testimonial. It’s a chance to prove how you do deliver on what you say you will e.g. by improving efficiency or increasing the client’s profits. Keep it fairly brief, as you need to assume the reader is busy and impatient. Choose a testimonial that is highly relevant to the reader’s business, if possible, so that they can directly relate to it.

What to Do Next

PandaTip: In this section, you can break down the process that the reader needs to go through to start benefiting from your product. Keep it very simple, as you want to remove any barriers or perceived barriers that might be in the way of preventing them from committing. You could use a simple step-by-step layout, for example.

  1. Sign up with us;
  2. We’ll get in touch to sort out the finer details;
  3. Start benefiting from [Product1] in as little as [Delivery Timeframe].

PandaTip: Realistically, the process is going to be a little more complicated than this, but you don’t want to put the reader off. Your new clients want to imagine that this will be a walk in the park otherwise they will be reluctant to part with any cash.


PandaTip: These legal terms are comparable to what is seen in most service contract proposals, but we urge you to have your legal counsel review them before completing this proposal template and sending it for client approval.

This sales contract for [Product1] (the “Contract”) dictates the terms and conditions governing the agreement between [SENDER.Company] (the “Seller”) and [SIGNER.Company] (the “Purchaser”), with their primary places of business at [SENDER.Address] and [SIGNER.Address] respectively, who agree to be bound by this Contract.

Whereas, the Seller is producing [Product1], a [Product1.Description], (the “Product”).

Whereas the Purchaser intends to purchase the Product abiding by these terms and conditions.

In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises from each party, the Seller and Purchaser (individually “Party” and together, “Parties”) agree and covenant the following:

Product Purchased

The Purchaser hereby purchases the quantity and type of Product as detailed in the attached Schedule A, (the “Purchased Product”).


The Purchaser hereby purchases the quantity and type of Product as detailed in the attached Schedule A, (the “Purchased Product”).


Failing to make any payment before or on the specified date on the payment schedule (attached as Schedule B), will be considered a material and full breach of this Contract.




Any modifications to this Contract will be invalid unless agreed to in writing by both Parties.

Applicable Law

This Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of [Applicable.Law] and subject to jurisdiction exclusively of federal and state courts in [Company.County], Company.State].


IN WITNESS WHERE OF, each of the Parties has executed this Sales Contract, both Parties by its duly authorized officer, as of the day and year set forth below.

Schedule A


Schedule B

[Payment Schedule]

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