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Clinical Trial Agreement

PandaTip: The table of contents at the top of this template makes it easier to navigate the clinical trial agreement’s multiple sections.

Clinical Trial Agreement
Clinical Trial Details
Sponsor Support
Terms & Conditions

PandaTip: To add details regarding the clinical trial, simply click inside the text field in the template below.

This clinical trial agreement is binding and effective as of [Agreement.Date]. The parties to this agreement are as follows, collectively known as the “Parties”:


[Sponsor.Name] [Sponsor.Organization]
Name Organization
[Sponsor.Street] [Sponsor.Email]
Street Email
[Sponsor.City], [Sponsor.State] [Sponsor.Zip] [Sponsor.Phone]
City, State, Zip Phone


[Sender.Name] [Sender.Organization]
Name Organization
[Sender.Street] [Sender.Email]
Street Email
[Sender.City], [Sender.State] [Sender.Zip] [Sender.Phone]
City, State, Zip Phone

Whereas the Institution wishes to conduct research in the field of [Field.Name], and the Sponsor has an interest in such field, the parties agree to collaborate according to the terms of this Clinical Trial Agreement.

Clinical Trial Details

The Institution will carry out the clinical trial as follows:

Clinical Trial Location:
Number of Participants:
Managing Director:

Additional clinical trial details:

Clinical Trial Agreement Template1

Sponsor Support

PandaTip: Clinical trial sponsors often provide equipment or other assets in addition to financial support. This section of the template allows you to detail all support that the Sponsor will provide during the clinical trial.

Financial Support

The Sponsor has agreed to supply financial support for the clinical trial as follows:

Description Amount
Study Visits  
Completion Fees  

All above payments should be made payable to :

Clinical Trial Agreement Template2

These payment amounts are based solely on a reasonable market value of likewise trails taking place in the same geographical location. At any point the institution may request additional funding at the time of the expense with written notification as well as proof of expense. Institution is under no obligations to participate in the above clinical trial based on sponsors financial offerings. Sponsor shall not be responsible for any unforeseen fees if written notification has not been made prior to costs incurring.

Non-Monetary Support

In addition to the above listed financial support, the Sponsor agrees to provide the following non-monetary support to the Institution:

Clinical Trial Agreement Template3

Terms & Conditions


Both institution and sponsor are in complete understanding that the transfer and sharing of confidential information regarding the study shall occur. Both parties are in agreement that during the term of this clinical trial agreement as well a 5 year period after the conclusion of this agreement both parties will adhere to the following:

  • No information deemed confidential shall be shared without prior authorization and written consent from both parties.
  • No information regarding the trial shall be shared or published to third parties without all participating parties’ knowledge and prior consent.
  • All precaustions deemed necessary can and will be taken to protect confidential information at all times.

Miscellaneous Terms

Institution shall remain the principle investigator for the entire duration of trail period.

The study shall begin upon agreement to this contract and will conclude either upon termination of said contract or study completion.

The Study shall enroll a maximum of [Trial.ParticipantNumber] research subjects meeting all requirements agreed by by the Parties. If number of participants is increased, both parties must agree in writing to both the increase as well as any additional requirements.

All participating parties agree that payment made is in fair market value for such participation and no payment has been made for outcome of trial. No parties involved have been paid unfairly or paid for certain results.

Sponsor has agreed to offer all of the mentioned funds in this agreement on the dates provided as mentioned.

Proprietary Rights

PandaTip: This section of the clinical trial agreement template provides you with an area to document all ownership rights between parties as well as any other rights to property involved in the clinical trial agreement.

All deliverables conducted by Sponsor shall remain property of sponsor both during and upon completion of trial.

All other products and documents will be property of Institution and shall remain so upon completion and for the duration of the trial.

New Inventions or Discoveries developed solely by trial will be considered royalties and made available to all participating parties as such.

The Institution shall reimburse all parties for any out of pocket costs and expenses occurring from trial during or after trial period.

Any and all Data conclusive from this Study shall be the sole property of the Institution.


PandaTip: Clinical trials often publish their results in scientific journals and other publications. This section of the template outlines the terms for publication of clinical trial results.

Sponsor as well as any Principal Investigators shall have given rights to publish study findings as deemed necessary. Prior to any publications, Institution will provide sponsor with notification in writing no later than 30 days from recital of publication and allow sponsor no less than 15 days for review of said documents.

All parties agree that in the instance of a multi point study no publications will be made prior to consent from all parties in regards to all study areas. Study results will be published and will be made readily available following a period of 12 months without written consent.

Protocol Changes and Monitoring

PandaTip: This template section is standard to clinical trial agreements, and details the involved parties’ responsibilities regarding ongoing monitoring and reporting of protocol changes.

In the instance that any party becomes aware of the need for a deviation from the Protocol listed that individual will immediately inform the other party to this Study Agreement of the facts causing the deviation as soon as the facts are known to the party.

Participants will require notification upon any condition in which they become aware of that may affect the safety or medical care of Subjects or their willingness to continue as Subjects, alter the risk/benefit ratio of the Study, or alter the conduct of the Study or represent serious or continuing non-compliance.

Sponsor agrees that during the period of the study and for a period of 2 years following the conclusion of the Study, Sponsor will notify the Institution of observed Study Drug/Device effects that may effect any patients involved.

Furthermore the Sponsor reserves the right to audit the institution during business hours without prior notification.


Sponsor agrees to hold defend and hold all parties entered into this agreement not responsible for any and all liabilities that may incur from the improper packaging, documentation or delegation of any property related to the trial in question. If at any point legal proceeding take place due to lack of FDA guidelines being followed sponsor will hold no parties responsible for proceedings.


PandaTip: This portion of the clinical trial agreement template serves as an area to protect both you and the sponsor against any injuries pertaining to the subjects in this clinical trial.

Sponsor has proper insurance coverage as needed for said trials and will maintain coverage throughout the remainder of trail period. At any time participating members of this agreement may request in proof of insurance as deemed necessary.


PandaTip: This section of the template clearly defines the process for cancelling the clinical trial agreement.

This Study Agreement may be terminated only under the following terms:

  • Written notification not less than 30 days prior to cancellation date by any participating member.
  • If principle investor is not capable of completing the study.
  • Upon the occurrence of an event qualifying as a termination event as described in the Protocol.
  • Immediately upon receipt of a notice of termination this agreement.

Termination of this Study Agreement by either party shall not affect the rights and obligations of the parties accrued prior to the effective date of the termination.


This Study Agreement may only be amended by the mutual written consent of authorized representatives of all members presently entered into this clinical trial agreement.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any term or provision will in no way effect any and all other terms listed in this clinical trial agreement. In the instance any term is found unenforceable or invalid all remaining terms shall remain in full effect.

Force Majeure

Institution shall not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for termination or delay of the clinical trial caused by circumstances reasonably beyond Institution’s control, civil disturbances, acts of god, or other interference.


PandaTip: The electronic signature fields below allow both parties to complete this template with legally-binding electronic signatures.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused their duly authorized representatives to execute this Study Agreement as of the date first written above.

Sponsor Clinic
Signed By:
[Sponsor.FirstName] [Sponsor.LastName]Clinical Trial Agreement Template4
______________________________Date: Clinical Trial Agreement Template5
Signed By:
[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]Clinical Trial Agreement Template4
______________________________Date: Clinical Trial Agreement Template5


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