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SaaS Metrics Report Template by ChartMogul

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SaaS Metrics Report Template

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Here, define what your company does in one clear sentence.

In the following tables, insert the appropriate data for each metric in each column. 

A simple number doesn’t mean much by itself. That’s why it’s important to provide context around the numbers for “This Month,” so that at a glance, viewers can understand your company’s performance and its general trajectory. Below there are columns for the previous month’s performance, the percentage of change between the two months, and the goal or target number you’re aiming to hit.


  • New MRR = Only MRR from when a lead converts to a paying customer for the first time. 
  • Expansion MRR = Any increase in the MRR of an existing customer, e.g. an increase in quantity, upgrade to a higher plan, adding another subscription, or a discount expiring.
  • ChurnMRR = The MRR lost when a customer cancels or fails to renew their subscription.
  • M/M growth of MRR = The month-over-month growth rate of MRR. ((Last month’s MRR – This Month’s MRR / Last month’s MRR) x 100)

For further information on how to calculate and monitor these metrics, check out the Ultimate SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

For expertise on how to calculate, evaluate, and manage Churn, check out the Ultimate Churn Rate Cheat Sheet.

MetricLast MonthThis Month% ChangeGoal
MRR at beginning of the month
Expansion MRR
Churn MRR
MRR at end of the month
M/M growth rate of MRR


  • Cashin = Total revenues coming in to the business for the month.
  • Cashout = Total expenses for the month.
  • Netcash burn = The net amount of venture capital you are spending every month. (Cash in – Cash out)
  • Runway at current burn = How many months you can continue to operate the business with the current amount of cash and current burn rate. (Total cash on hand / Net cash burn)
MetricLast MonthThis Month% ChangeGoal
Cash coming in
Cash coming out
Net cash burn
Runway at current burn (mos.)


  • ​Customers =The number of active customers you have.
  • Trial-to-paid conversion rate = The rate at which free trial users convert to paying customers. If you operate with a Freemium model, you can adjust this metric accordingly.
  • Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA) = The average MRR across your active customers.  (SUM of all customers’ MRR / Number of customers)
  • Average Sale Price = The average MRR of new customers at the moment they convert to a paid account. 
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)= An estimate of the average total value of a customer over their lifetime, from sign up to churn. There are various ways to calculate this, so please check the UltimateSaaS LTV Cheat Sheet to learn more and choose what suits your business.
  • M/M growth rate of new customers = The percentage of growth from last month to this month. This indicates the trajectory and velocity of your new customer growth. (Last month’s Customers – This Month’s Customers / Last month’s Customers x 100)

Many of these metrics are also on the Ultimate SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet! If you want to learn in-depth about LTV in particular, check out the Ultimate SaaS LTV Cheat Sheet.

MetricLast MonthThis Month% ChangeGoal
Trial-to-paid conversion rate
Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
Average Sale Price
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
M/M growth rate of new customers

SaaS Metrics Report Template by ChartMogul

Used 4,926 times

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