COVID-19 Questionnaire

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COVID-19 Questionnaire

What’s the use of screening for the COVID-19? 

Screening for the coronavirus can help slow the spread of the pandemic. Based on the answers to the questionnaire, you can legally deny access to your business if a customer or employee has a high risk of carrying or transmitting COVID-19. 

In practice, this may mean asking employees to work remotely if they answer certain screening questions in the affirmative, or it may mean rescheduling appointments or offering appointments via video chat if clients seem to have a high risk of carrying COVID-19. 

All of these steps can help slow the spread of coronavirus and keep your customers and employees as safe as possible during this pandemic. 

Why customize a COVID-19 questionnaire with PandaDoc? 

Although you can receive generic COVID-19 questionnaires online, these questionnaires don’t have all the features of PandaDoc’s forms. With PandaDoc, you can customize your questionnaire to include your brand’s logos and preferred colors, which can set your business apart from the countless other businesses doing screenings right now. 

More importantly, using PandaDoc’s customizable forms allows you to integrate questionnaire responses directly into your business’s system. This means you can follow up with customers or employees who seem to be at high risk of having or transmitting COVID-19. 

How does PandaDoc work in conjunction with COVID-19 questionnaires? 

One of the best things about using PandaDoc’s forms to create your COVID-19 screening questionnaire is the incorporated automation tools we include.

For example, you can set up automated emails that go out with your questionnaire 24 hours before a client has an appointment in your building. Based on the responses to the questionnaire, you can then send out an automated email which either welcomes them to your facility with instructions for where to go or an email which states their appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

Automation tools mean that you only have to come up with these responses once, and PandaDoc’s tools can analyze questionnaire responses and send the appropriate reply without your employees having to lift a finger. Instead of spending their days monitoring answers to questionnaires and fielding calls about which entrance to use, your employees can do the jobs you hired them for. 

Is it legal to screen customers and employees for COVID-19? 

Yes! Although you should warn third parties, such as customers or vendors, that you have new screening practices in place, it is legal to screen for COVID-19 as long as you do so consistently with everyone who comes into your building. It is also legal to deny access to your building if people fail your screening questions or refuse to cooperate. While businesses cannot discriminate based on things like race, nationality, or sexual orientation, you can have rules that prevent people from coming into your establishment for safety reasons. 

Although you can also require employees to undergo screening, you should take caution before disciplining employees for refusing to do so. This is especially true if their refusal is based on religious reasons. However, you can ask employees to work remotely while mandatory screening is in place in lieu of being screened or to work remotely if their screening shows they’re at risk of having COVID-19. 


What’s a COVID-19 questionnaire? 

A COVID-19 questionnaire is a form that includes a series of questions to help pre-emptively screen clients for COVID-19. Although screening questions are not as definitive as COVID-19 tests in determining whether someone has the virus, they can evaluate whether your customers or employees are at high risk for carrying and transmitting the disease.

What are the most important screening questions for COVID-19? 

Some of the most important COVID-19 screening questions include:

    • Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

    • Have you recovered from a documented COVID-19 infection in the last 3 months?

    • Do you currently have any symptoms of COVID-19?

    • Have you recently been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for this coronavirus or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19?

    • Have you recently traveled outside of the state?

    • Are you currently isolating or quarantining due to a positive COVID-19 test?

Is it safe to send and receive COVID-19 screening questions? 

Yes, PandaDoc follows all HIPAA regulations, so you can safely ask screening questions and receive responses without worrying that someone else may be able to access this sensitive health data.