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Investment Proposal Template


At the start of your investment proposal, make sure you lure the investor in with a short elevator pitch.  The elevator pitch could end up being the only thing an investor reads – that is, if it fails to grab their attention!  Below is a sample elevator pitch you can use.

Proven, proprietary tools & services that serve to [DESCRIBE SOLUTION] for [TARGET MARKET].

Business Overview:

In this section of the investment proposal template, provide a business overview to help investors evaluate the merits of your business. You may choose to incorporate your value proposition here as well. A value proposition is a short statement that clearly conveys (1) who the target customer is, (2) what their problem is, (3) your solution, and (4) the benefits of your solution.


What problem does your product and/or service solve?

The process of [DESCRIBE] is decades old and relies heavily on manual data transfer, which results in erroneous data and mispayments to the tune of millions of dollars.  


Describe your product and/or service and how your customer will benefit.


What geographic, demographic and/or other characteristics define your target market? Also, how big is the market? You can describe this in terms of the Total Addressable Market and the Segmented Addressable Market. For example…

Our target customers are:

The total addressable global market (TAM) for the main products and services we will provide in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is roughly [$].  Our segmented addressable market (SAM) for the first 5 years is estimated at roughly [$] and our goal is to capture at least 3 percent of our SAM in this time.

Business Model:

What we mean by business model is how the business will make money, or the strategy you will employ to continue to add value to the company.

Barriers to Entry:

What are the things that will keep others from competing?  Do you have any patents, trade secrets or exclusive customers or suppliers?  That is the sort of thing you would elaborate on here.

Competitive Landscape:

Describe the competitive landscape and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Current State:

In this section of the investment proposal, describe where the business is today. How far along are you?

Revenue –

Development Stage –

For example, not started, alpha, beta, etc.

Funding Requirements:

In this section, let investors know how much funding you need, and what you will use the money for. You may also want to share what valuation you put on the business since that will tell the investor how much of the company you are willing to part with for the capital requested.

Exit strategy:

In this section, describe your exit strategy. In other words, how will you get your investors their money back? Do you envision being acquired, finding a financial buyer, or perhaps an IPO? What is the timeframe for this, and if you envision an acquisition, who are some potential acquirers?

Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at [PHONE] or [EMAIL].

Thank you for your consideration.




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[NAME], [TITLE]                                          DATE


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