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Investment Proposal Template

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Proven, proprietary tools & services that serve to DESCRIBE SOLUTION for TARGET MARKET.

Business Overview

In this section of the investment proposal template, provide a business overview to help investors evaluate the merits of your business. You may choose to incorporate your value proposition here as well. A value proposition is a short statement that clearly conveys (1) who the target customer is, (2) what their problem is, (3) your solution, and (4) the benefits of your solution.


The process of DESCRIBE is decades old and relies heavily on manual data transfer, which results in erroneous data and mispayments to the tune of millions of dollars.

Barriers to Entry

What are the things that will keep others from competing? Do you have any patents, trade secrets or exclusive customers or suppliers? That is the sort of thing you would elaborate on here.

Competitive Landscape

Describe the competitive landscape and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Current State

In this section of the investment proposal, describe where the business is today. How far along are you?

Revenue –

Development Stage –

Funding Requirements

In this section, let investors know how much funding you need, and what you will use the money for. You may also want to share what valuation you put on the business since that will tell the investor how much of the company you are willing to part with for the capital requested.

Exit strategy

Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at PHONE or EMAIL.

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Investment Proposal Template

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