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Email Cover Letter Template



PandaTip: Job title of recipient is typically Hiring Manager, Human Resources Manager, or similar.

My name is [NAME] and I am writing to express my keen interest in the available position of [POSITION APPLIED] at [COMPANY NAME]. I believe my employment experiences, skill set, and personal qualities make me an outstanding candidate for this position.

In my most recent position as [TITLE], I was responsible for [LIST OF RESPONSIBILITIES]. My other duties included [OTHER DUTIES]. In this role, I was very lucky to gain experience in [SPECIFIC AREA] and further develop my skills, especially [SKILLS DEVELOPED]. My success in this position is demonstrated by [EXAMPLES].

PandaTip: Begin your email cover letter by showing the ways in which your previous position fully prepared you for the job you are now applying for. Address ways in which you succeeded at your previous job, and include ways you strongly contributed to the company.

Many of my other previous employment experiences have also well equipped me for the position of [POSITION APPLIED]. I was employed by [COMPANY NAME] in the role of [TITLE] for [LENGTH OF TIME]. This provided a wonderful opportunity for me to hone my skills in [SKILLS OR AREAS]. My employer thought me to be an excellent employee, as I [EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS].

PandaTip: Use this second section to enhance your employability skills. Provide a comment made by a previous employer, or show the ways in which you were an outstanding employee at this job. Real examples of your achievement are a great element to include in this section of a cover letter. Feel free to mention any challenges you’ve overcome.

I feel that I have a strong basis in the [SPECIFY TYPE] industry, which would lend itself very well to a [POSITION APPLIED] position. I am a skilled [POSITION TITLE] and I pride myself on my keen attention to detail in all areas of my work. My employment at [COMPANY NAME]– as well as other [COMPANY NAMES]–has attuned me to the necessities of clear communication, thoroughness, and working with accuracy and efficiency. I believe I would make an excellent [POSITION APPLIED] as I would bring to the position not only my skills, but great [ATTRIBUTE] and [ATTRIBUTE]. With the combination of my enthusiasm and skills, I think the [POSITION APPLIED] position is one in which I would excel, and I believe I would be a valuable asset to your business.

PandaTip: The cover letter–or, more likely nowadays, the email cover letter–is the moment to show off and entice the reader to actually click to open your resume or CV. Do not attach your cover letter but rather put it in the body of the email–you want to make it as easy as possible for them to access all your info. And feel free to add a touch of personality to your cover letter, including information that perhaps wouldn’t be in your resume, like how you run marathons, graduated university in three years, where you volunteer on the weekends or any awards you’ve received. It’s about making you intriguing yet human.

I have attached my resume. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

With Regards,



PandaTip: Include both your phone number and Skype name, making it easy for them to contact you without having to re-open your resume. For that matter, make sure your email address comes with an appropriate (but smiling) photo and signature.

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