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Work From Home Policy

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There are many people who work from home, therefore they should be aware of the rules to make sure that qualified workers are productive while doing so. Start with this sample work from home policy.

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Work From Home Policy Template

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This Work From Home Policy is a document that specifies all the arrangements, policies, and guidelines for this planned work arrangement for eligible employees under [Sender.Company].

[Sender.Company] will provide all eligible employees with their own company-owned hardware or equipment to be personally shipped to their home addresses with the sole purpose of delivering quality work for the Company.


While working from home, the employee is expected to adhere to the policies, procedures, and guidelines thoroughly stated below:

1. Eligibility

An employee is eligible to work from home if their duties and responsibilities can be delivered by using company-owned assets such as a computer unit, laptop, and mobile, and software prescribed, such as databases and systems used by the Company.

2. Work Hours and Boundaries

[Sender.Company]’s operation and employee work hours are from (time, e.g., 08:00) to (time, e.g., 17:00) (timezone) only.

Overtime and Undertime should be pre-approved (an advanced arrangement) or as needed and agreed upon between the manager and the employee. Business justification is required for the employee to be eligible and filing for it should be (insert time period, e.g., 2 days, 24–48 hours) on or before the said date of arrangement (as applicable).

[Sender.Company] supports the concept of work-life balance and encourages employees to look after themselves and their tasks as they should keep in mind that working from home does not equate to unlimited working hours.

3. Timekeeping

Employees must regularly and accurately punch in and punch out their daily work hours through the application/program officially installed in every company-owned asset to monitor the punctuality, tardiness, and utilization of the employee as time and attendance greatly affect their overall work performance.

4. Equipment Usage

It is expected for the employee to maximize the use of the company-owned asset for the benefit of the Company.

5. Virtual Meetings

When the team is having a virtual meeting, even while working from home, the employee should always be in their professional state. Employees shall wear proper attire and look presentable along with the background arrangement that must adhere to the virtual meeting etiquette.

6. Security

The employee is required to comply with all the security measures implemented by the Company even when working from the comforts of their home. [Sender.Company] acknowledges the risk associated with employees while accessing and handling all sorts of information, especially outside the Company premises.

7. Communication

While monitoring each team member closely is difficult, employees are encouraged to make communication a priority in any form, through email, group chat, or SMS to let the team keep track of the involved business matters, especially the manager.

8. Task Tracking/Productivity

The Work From Home Policy will be as effective if there is a constant connection and close monitoring of the manager to their team member, but not to the point of micromanagement, it can be done through productivity tracking where the employees will be required to submit their tasks or assignment accomplishments within a range of tracking period.

All employees allowed to work from home should be able to give real-time updates regarding the tasks and assignments through the tracking file provided per team. This file aims to monitor each member of the team to ensure the productivity and effectiveness of the said arrangement.

9. Additional Employee Benefits

[Sender.Company] is aware of the additional expenses that the employee may incur while working from home, thus, the Company will provide additional benefits to compensate by providing reimbursements for:

  • Electricity Reimbursements amounting to (amount in figures) in (currency).

  • Internet Reimbursements amounting to (amount in figures) in (currency).

  • Load Allowance amounting to (amount in figures) in (currency).

Failure to adhere to all the above-mentioned policies, procedures, and guidelines will result in sanctions specified below:

  1. Notice of explanation (to be submitted within (number) of business days).

  2. Equivalent disciplinary action in accordance with the Employee Handbook.

  3. One-time payment for the equivalent compensation should there be any damages and reputational risk involved.

  4. Termination of the employment contract.




Work From Home Policy

Used 4,904 times

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