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Work From Home Proposal Template

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Work From Home Proposal Template

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As the pandemic draws to a close and we begin to return to some semblance of normal, remote workers are starting to consider long-term out-of-office work arrangements. Now more than ever, corporations large and small are embracing hybrid workplaces that allow their employees to continue with their successful transition to a work-from-home environment.

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Workplace benefits

Since the work-from-home revolution began, many remote employees have discovered they've been:

• More productive

• More effective

• More financially sound and

• Experienced a better work-life balance

75% of the workforce say they want to continue to work from home, at least weekly, and Prodoscore reported a 47% increase in productivity after their 2-year remote work-study.

Employers specifically have noticed significant:

• Cost savings for real estate and fuel

• A decreased turnover rate

• A more positive environmental image

• Fewer business-continuity concerns

Companies who adopt a hybrid workforce also found they:

• Increased recruitment

• Improved the quality of their workforce

• Created a better corporate culture

• Reduced absenteeism, sick-time, and expenses

• Rapidly and sharply increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

• Saw an up-tick in overall revenue

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Personal accomplishments

As you can see, the advantages of a work-from-home situation for both the employer and employee are substantial. Specifically, while I worked remotely, I’ve experienced:

• (List.Accomplishment (Example: 85% client retention rate during an economic downturn due to consistent availability out of office hours.))

• (List.Accomplishment (Example: 56% productivity increase, which includes a faster turnover time for projects, client requests, and brainstorming/writing content))

• (List.Accomplishment (Example: 35% fewer sick-days compared to last year due to the ability to work through mild colds and adjusting to unforeseen familial obligations))

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Work schedule

Coupled with my accomplishments, I also included a chart that provides a closer look at my daily remote work tasks. Below, you’ll see each task that I can perform at home, jobs that are easier or only possible to complete in the work building, and a section that indicates if I was interrupted for a non-productive reason (indicated by an “X” placed in the “Interrupted” column).







Check Email



Talk to Roxane about Disc Account




Prepare a proposal for Disc Account



Discuss content ideas with Richard



Check Email



Send Business Inc. file

With a private server, we could securely transfer client files.



Check Email





Should we move forward with a remote work schedule, below are my preferences:


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.


(Time) a.m. to

(Time) p.m.

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However, please understand that I am flexible and available to discuss a preliminary schedule for (Number.Of.Days) or (Number.Of.Days) per week. Please inform me which days work best for you and the company, as I am more than willing to compromise on your behalf.

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I understand the importance of being available and reachable while working remotely. I also understand that you may wish to measure my productivity to determine if the switch to a hybrid workplace will remain, or be, successful. Below are performance measurement suggestions:

Create a set of goals you want me to achieve (i.e., 30% increase in client calls)

Install applications, such as Citrix GoToMyPC to monitor my activities

Set a schedule for email, phone, or instant message check-ins

Commit to return phone calls or emails by a specific time

Make myself available during business hours (and non-business hours)

Make myself available to travel to the office if an urgent situation arises

Please note that said performance measurements can only be active or monitored during my scheduled workday, whether we decide on a strict hourly or casual/flexible time slots.

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Home workspace and equipment

I confirm that I have the following office equipment that is necessary for me to work from home:

Computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse




Additional phone line

Ergonomic desk

Ergonomic chair




Lockable Filing cabinet

Answering machine


Other: (Describe.Other.Equipment)

If necessary, we will discuss if I require software needed to back up my system, protect my system (i.e., anti-virus software), an additional phone line, external hard drive, insurance, among other things I may need. Please inform me if you have concerns about confidentiality or security for my computer, modem, and method for transferring client data so we can remedy this.

As I have a (closed door/non-distracting) at-home work environment, my personal life will not infringe on my ability to work. My workspace is/will be fully equipped and distraction-free.

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Skills and value

In the past, I have demonstrated that I have the skills necessary to succeed in remote work.

My accomplishments prove that I am a self-starter, an independent problem solver, and self-disciplined. I am a solid team player who can communicate effectively with clients, coworkers, and superiors. As an excellent organizer, I am capable of compartmentalizing my tasks, priorities, and time. I have also shown that I am tech-savvy at basic troubleshooting.

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Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions of employment/work from home employment are determined according to the applicable agreement. The remote work guidelines must be followed when doing remote work.

This Work From Home Proposal does not change or replace the terms and conditions of my employment or the required compliance with the existing company policies, rules, and practices.

The employer agrees that my work-related obligations are the same for remote work as for work done on the employer’s premises.

The remote work guidelines discussed previously by the employer and data security guidelines shall be followed as part of this agreement.

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Signature and disclaimer

I understand that you are responsible for the success of this department and must solely determine whether this plan fits with the goals of the business. I acknowledge that the approval of said proposal means we will pilot this agreement and that we may make adjustments to reduce my remote work schedule, or I may need to return to work if said agreement fails.




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Work From Home Proposal Template

Used 5,227 times

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