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Office Cleaning Proposal Template

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Office Cleaning Proposal

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Cover Letter


At [Sender.Company], we are an office cleaning agency who are in the cleaning business and understand the importance of a tidy workspace. That’s why we do all the scrubbing, dusting, and polishing so you and your employees can focus on the tasks at hand. Whether you need our cleaning company's services on-site during office hours or when everyone has left for the day, you can rest assured your workplace is receiving the utmost attention to detail.

[Sender.Company] was founded on the principle of warm, friendly, and efficient service. Our staff knows how to get the job done, and we strive to excel in our field. With our range of services and some great testimonials, we believe that your needs can be fully meet - no office is too big or small for our skilled and experienced staff.

With this commercial cleaning proposal letter, we look forward to a partnership with [Client.Company] and keeping your office beautiful and spotless every day.




What to Expect

[Sender.Company] will perform the following office cleaning services for [Client.Company] : dusting, washing, and polishing of all surfaces; vacuuming of carpets and/or cleaning of non-carpeted flooring; cleaning of all appliances, bathrooms, and food preparation areas; trash collection and removal.

All labor, supervision, materials, and equipment required to perform these tasks will be provided by [Sender.Company] at the approval of [Client.Company] .

The terms of this contract shall begin [Start.Date] and continue until the termination of this agreement. [Client.Company] has sole discretion over ending this contract, as well as increasing or decreasing the scope of work, and will notify [Sender.Company] of any changes within [Time Period] .

Frequency of Services

[Client.Company] will set the schedule upon which [Sender.Company] will provide commercial cleaning services:

Day of ServiceService Hours
MondayFrom [Start Time] to [End Time]
TuesdayFrom [Start Time] to [End Time]
WednesdayFrom [Start Time] to [End Time]
ThursdayFrom [Start Time] to [End Time]
FridayFrom [Start Time] to [End Time]
SaturdayFrom [Weekend Start Time] to [Weekend End Time]
SundayFrom [Weekend Start Time] to [Weekend End Time]

Cleaning services will be performed at the offices of [Client.Company] :

[Street Number]
[Street Name]
[ZIP Code]

Our Services

We will undertake the following tasks on your premises -

Commercial Space CleaningTaking up floor, furniture, and window cleaning tasks. Dry cleaning curtains, cushions, and other textiles. Polishing tiles, flooring, and woodwork.
Warehouse CleaningCleaning large non-carpeted floors that house tall racks, industrial equipment, and servers.
Pest ControlRemoval of ants, bedbugs, ticks, fleas, and more from the reception area, lobby, lift, and cubicles.
Janitorial ServicesSanitation of pantry areas, restrooms using chemical treatment, and the best-in-class equipment.

Supply List

We care about your employees’ and their environment’s health. Hence, we procure our own eco-friendly, high-quality, and odor-free cleaning products to ensure a sparkling finish with peace of mind you can enjoy.

Below is a tentative list of products and equipment [Sender.Company] will be using for commercial space cleaning. This list may be changed depending on the requirements and availability of the products, with prior written consent from [Client.Company].

Cleaning solutionWashing windows and other surfaces
Polishing solutionRegaining the shine of furniture, tiles, and other decors
Vacuum cleanerGetting rid of dust from floors, furniture, and thorough carpet cleaning
Mopping solutionCleaning non-carpeted floors
Plastic bagsCollecting trash for discarding, recycling, composting

Our Guarantee

[Sender.Company] is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide professional office cleaning services. Documentation is available upon request.

If [Client.Company] finds any of our cleaning jobs to be unsatisfactory, please contact [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] within 24 hours and your issues will be mitigated at no additional cost. In the event that a dispute cannot be solved between [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] , both parties agree to enter into arbitration in the State of [State Arbitration] .

[Sender.Company] agrees to observe all holidays of [Client.Company] and perform all services during the agreed upon days and times.

It is the policy of [Sender.Company] that our team of cleaners will not eat in your office, use any of your facilities, answer phones, or give access to outside visitors. Communication between our staff and [Client.Company] employees, if cleaning services are required during business hours, will be limited so as not to distract [Client.Company] ‘s workers.


The price quote herein will remain in effect for the length of this office cleaning contract, unless changes are agreed upon in writing by both parties. Cleaning services will be performed on a month-to-month basis, with payment due at the beginning of each month. All payments would be due at the beginning of each month, payable by check or credit card.

Type of ServicePriceQTYSubtotal
Cleaning Fee/day$70.0030$2100.00
Supplies Used/Day
Cleaning products
Cleaning supplies

Agreement of Service

By leaving a digital signature below, [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] agree to the payment details and all provisions set forth in this cleaning service proposal. The client has [Time Period] to cancel this agreement at no cost. If the client elects to cancel after [Time Period] , all outstanding payments must be made upon termination.









Office Cleaning Proposal Template

Used 9,688 times

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