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Website Redesign
Proposal Template


Prepared for: [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] [Client.Company]
Prepared by: [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] [Sender.Company]

Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName],

Thank you for considering [Sender.Company] for your website redesign needs. We assure you that we can accomplish this project in a timely manner and within budget. [Sender.Company] has a history of identifying key website redesign needs for clients and accomplishing those objectives.

The following website design proposal lays out the work that will be done and at what cost. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out via email or phone.  

Thank you!




[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]

Executive Summary

PandaTip: In this section, you can briefly explain the overall aim and goal of the project.

In order to stay relevant and continue to attract customers, [Client.Company] would like to overhaul its website. In the past [Time Period], [Client.Company] has experienced revenue losses due to decreased online traffic. The company maintains a strong reputation and presence in [Industry] and would like to grow its business again. To accomplish this, [Client.Company] needs a complete website redesign to outpace the competition.

[Sender.Company] boasts a track record of success for clients in achieving increased online traffic and revenue gains after a website redesign.

We are prepared to show [Client.Company] proposed changes and modifications, design elements, solutions to existing problems, and a timeline for the website overhaul by [Overhaul Date].


PandaTip: The assessment section allows you to present an overall picture of what the website redesign needs in order to be accomplished. You can point out strengths and weaknesses with the current website and how you plan to make improvements in those areas. Be specific so the client can visualize the proposals. The more you show the client what you know about their current website, the better they can see how you’re going to make improvements.

Websites are unique, and [Sender.Company] knows full well that each person or company has specific needs and desires. Our aim is to make your website stronger and more useful for you and your customers. First, we meet and assess what works and what does not with your current website, what you want to keep and what you want to change. Next, we identify problem areas and how to make improvements. After [Client.Company] approves of all changes, [Sender.Company] hits the ground running to ensure timely delivery of your new website.

Process and Timeline

PandaTip: This section offers the client a clear timeline for completion of the website redesign and the steps that will be taken. You can set completion goals for the various sections of the site and the completion date for the entire project. This gives structure to both you and the client, and expectations for how the work will be accomplished.

Our top priority is your satisfaction. Therefore, we do all we can to make sure your website redesign is seamless and transparent. Depending on the scope of work, a redesign can take anywhere from several months to a year. While we do all the heavy lifting, your input is an important function in the process. Before any work begins we will establish expectations. Our No. 1 priority is meeting [Client.Company]’s deadlines with a website redesign you are proud to call your own.

Objective Timeline
Connecting, planning Up to two weeks
Client approval of changes Up to one week
First draft of redesign created Up to two months
Client approval/changes Up to two weeks
Implement changes Up to two weeks
Final draft of redesign, beta testing Up to three weeks
Client approval and launch Up to two weeks


When working with [Sender.Company], here’s what you can expect in the redesign process:

Planning Phase

First we connect with the client and analyze the pros and cons of the existing website and plan the next steps. This phase includes:

  • Updating the site map
  • Reorganizing existing content and identifying where new information will go
  • Reviewing competitor websites to compile effective keywords and search-engine optimization (SEO)

Development Phase

Once we are all on the same page, the rebuild begins. This part includes:

  • New home and interior pages
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript compliance
  • Content Management System (CMS) creation
  • CMS configuration
  • Migrating existing content to new site
  • Optimization for mobile

Testing and Beta Phase

Now that the nuts and bolts of your new website have been created, it’s time to see it in action. This phase includes:

  • Code and browser testing
  • Analytics setup, through Google or others, to capture site user data
  • Putting the site to work to see how it handles video, images, text, and then making necessary adjustments

Launch Phase

We’re almost there. This is the most exciting moment of the website redesign for the client. This phase includes:

  • New site host setup
  • Domain Name System (DNS) transfer
  • Setting up email
  • Going live

Post-Redesign Services

PandaTip: Here’s a chance to continue making money with clients. Just because the redesign is finished doesn’t mean the work is complete. Websites are complicated and many businesses would rather leave some operations to the experts. We’ve created a few common post-redesign services, but you can change this section to fit your offerings.

Once your beautiful new website has launched, [Sender.Company] can provide post-redesign services to help you see the value of your investment while you focus on running your business. We have several options to fit the needs of our clients. Each option costs [Service Cost].

check boxAnalytics: We compile usage data and distill it down into simple terms so you know what’s working and what’s not.

check boxBlogs and Email Marketing: If your company runs blogs and marketing emails, we can integrate them into your new website and give them the same look.

check boxOffline: Need to promote the new site during a sales presentation? We can create a demo of your website’s new functions and give you the hard copy so you always have ……..something to rely on.

Our Team


[Sender.Company] has been a leader in website design since [Years In Business]. We are a tight-knit group of creative thinkers who understand the impact of a clean, simple, informative, and engaging website. Our unique approach ensures that our clients will not be surprised by the final results because they will have been an integral part of the redesign process, approving all work before it is completed to meet their exact standards. Our goal is simple: creating websites that make an impact.


PandaTip: This section allows you to show off your stuff. Include before/after screen grabs of websites you have redesigned, along with links so your clients can see the fruits of your labor.

We pride ourselves on transforming your website into something you can be proud of. Below, you will find the before and after of some of our website redesigns:

Before our web redesign


After our web redesign

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 9.06.59 PM


Name Price QTY Subtotal
Planning $300 1 $300
UX/UI $500 1 $500
Content Support $200 1 $200
Testing/Launching $1000 1 $1000
Training Client $1000 1 $1000
Programming $2000 1 $2000
Support $300 1 $300
Post-Redesign Services $1000 3 $3000

Subtotal: $8300
Tax (7.5%): $622.50
Total: $8922.50

Billing and Schedule

[Client.Company] agrees to pay 50% of the total upon signing this website redesign proposal and the remainder by [Final Payment Date].

Desired method of payment: 




Prior to a contractual agreement, this proposal may be amended in consultation with the client, [Client.Company], at the discretion of [Sender.Company].


By signing below, you accept this website redesign proposal. The initial payment, per the aforementioned terms, also enters [Client.Company] into contractual agreement for services with [Sender.Company].

[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] of [Sender.Company] [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] of [Client.Company]
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