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Acceptable Use Policy Template

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Acceptable Use Policy Template

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With regard to its commitment to providing technology resources and access to the corporate network that is accessible via the internet, [Sender.Company] keeps its word. In general, the goal is to enhance the user experience when using systems that are exclusive to employees and staff of [Sender.Company]. In order to fulfill their job obligations, users rely heavily on their access to the corporate network and the internet. When enhanced programs are provided, users will have the tools required to deliver quality work.


These rules are in place to protect the employees and [Sender.Company] from any inappropriate exposures, cybersecurity risks such as virus attacks, and any other form of application that aims to compromise the security of the network system.

This applies to all the employees, both regular and part-time, temporary staff, consultants, affiliates, and third-party(ies) under [Sender.Company].

Acceptable Use

  1. Company-owned equipment and network infrastructure have been provided to all employees to perform their duties and responsibilities; employees are expected to use these resources exclusively to deliver quality work for the Company – a computer or laptop, company email, and the internet.

  2. The Company acknowledges that users should utilize their internet and email communication for personal and corporate use to ensure privacy as long as it won’t compromise and fall into the list of “Unacceptable Use.”

  3. Login credentials should not be shared with any colleagues or anyone connected to the employee. It should be stored in a password management system provided by the Company that is properly configured.

  4. Properly shut down or lock the laptop or computer, especially when not in use or when office hours are over.

Unacceptable Use

  1. The employee should not engage in any prohibited and unprofessional activities, such as pornography, cyberbullying, cybercrime, abuse, or threat on company-owned assets, in order to maintain the company's good reputation.

  2. It is strictly prohibited for employees to execute or install programs or applications not prescribed by the IT department on their laptops, mobile devices, or computers.

  3. Connecting to any public Wi-Fi or mobile data from unknown sources may be of risk to the network.


Failure to adhere to all the above-mentioned policies and guidelines will result in sanctions specified below:

  1. 1st offense: Notice of explanation (to be submitted within five (5) business days)

  2. 2nd offense: Suspension from work from 10 to 15 business days without pay

  3. Final offense: Termination of employment contract







Acceptable Use Policy Template

Used 4,913 times

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