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Computer Use Policy Template

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Employees must adhere to the rules and regulations in this sample computer use policy. You can download this Computer Use Policy Template for free, and it acts as a safety measure for the employer.

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Computer Use Policy Template

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Policy Title: Computer Use Policy

Executive-in-Charge: [Executive.FirstName][Executive.LastName]

Officer-in-Charge: Information Technology Office, Chief Officer [Officer.FirstName][Officer.LastName]

Office-in-Charge: Information Technology Office

Policy Approval Date: (day – month – year)

Policy Effective Date: (day – month – year)

To be implemented by: ALL DEPARTMENTS AND DIVISION UNDER [Employee.Company]


This Computer Use Policy is designed and formulated to help employees and managers recognize their responsibilities when they accept their company-owned assets – namely laptop, mobile, computer, and peripherals – from the start of their report to work with our company, [Employee.Company].


This Computer Use Policy aims to achieve these outlined goals for the safety and security of the employees and the management under [Employee.Company]:

  1. To utilize the asset to its fullest potential while delivering quality work from the employees. 

  2. To maximize the investment of equipment to better serve the clients. 

  3. To ensure that all designated users of the assets are responsible and compliant with the company's security and equipment care guidelines.

  4. To encourage employees to maximize the use of the asset only to benefit the Company and its clients.

  5. To ensure that employees of the Company are aware of the proper and appropriate use of these assets.


Company-owned Assets

Refers to the provided equipment, which includes assets such as a laptop, mobile, and computer along with its peripherals. These assets are given to the employee to perform the tasks, assignments, and responsibilities accordingly and properly for the Company.

Asset Custodian

This refers to any device being connected to the equipment. There are three kinds of peripherals: input, output, and storage.

  1. Input peripherals are devices that convert incoming data and instructions in the computer, allowing you to control, connect, and interact with it, such as a keyboard, mouse, microphone, camera, pen tablet, joystick, etc.

  2. Output peripherals are devices that include video displays or visual terminals such as projectors, scanners, monitors, printers, and speakers.

  3. Storage peripherals are devices where data is stored and recorded, such as internal and external hard drives, CD and DVD drives, RAM and ROM, and flash memory drives.


This Computer Use Policy states below all the responsibilities the asset custodian or the employee must adhere to while employed or reporting under [Employee.Company]:

  1. Employees will use these company-owned assets, namely laptop, mobile, computer, and their peripherals, solely for the delivery of quality assignments and tasks exclusively for [Employee.Company]. Failure to comply with this policy will subject the employee to disciplinary actions or termination of the contract.

  2. All employees working under [Employee.Company] are brand ambassadors and should comply with the proper ethics and conduct established by the Company within and outside the company's online and offline premises. Employees will not engage in strictly prohibited and unprofessional activities such as pornography, cyberbullying, cybercrime, abuse, and threats using the company-owned asset to preserve the company's best image. Failure to comply with this policy will subject the employee to termination of the contract.

  3. The employee is strictly prohibited from executing or installing any programs or applications, not prescribed and approved by the Company, on their laptop, mobile, or computer. Installation of external programs is only permitted with advanced approval from the IT department.

  4. The designated user of the company-owned asset is required to properly log off or sign out of the system after office hours as part of the device security measures.

  5. The asset custodian is expected to display great care and responsibility for the company-owned asset provided to him/her. Failure to comply with this policy will subject the employee to a one-time payment of the damaged property's actual price, along with its charges, should disciplinary action measures be deemed necessary.

  6. The asset custodian must submit a status report every two (2) years to our IT department regarding the equipment status and whether it should be replaced, upgraded, or updated.

  7. The employee is expected to never commit to an act or object that will endanger the company-owned asset.

  8. [Employee.Company] acknowledges that the employee’s life is more valuable than the company-owned asset. Should such unforeseen circumstances as natural disasters or crimes such as hold up or mugging happen, the employee will be investigated and required to submit a written explanation or incident report within five (5) business days. The Company will provide a new set of equipment to the employee after three (3) business days resting period.

  9. The employee is required to submit an incident report should there be any suspicious activities made by other colleagues. The report can be done through email or as an anonymous report to our Ethics department.


This Computer Use Policy states below all the responsibilities of the management under [Employee.Company]:

  1. To invest in all system and application upgrades and updates for the safety of the equipment and employees.

  2. To invest in quality assets that will be of long-term use.

  3. To strictly impose penalties on those employees who violate any of the policies mentioned above.

  4. To amend policies and regulations of the Computer Use Policy according to the up-to-date data and information of the company-owned assets along with its peripherals.

  5. To properly account for each piece of the asset provided to the employees through accurate inventory.

  6. To strictly monitor the employee’s use of computers through the system, database, or application to ensure that the company-owned asset is properly and appropriately used to serve its purpose to the Company.






Computer Use Policy Template

Used 4,970 times

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