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Drug Testing Policy Template

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As a company, need to create a safe and drug-free work environment for your workers.

What is a drug testing policy? PandaDoc's drug testing policy template allows you to quickly craft your part of your employment policies and outline the drug testing requirements in a way that new and existing employees can understand.

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[HR Manager.Company] is committed to fostering the well-being of its employees and providing a safe work environment. However, the commitment is disrupted when any [HR Manager.Company] employee, intern, or contract worker comes to work under the influence, or uses, possesses, sells, or distributes drugs in the workplace. Also, the commitment is jeopardized when any worker abuses both prescriptive or other drugs that influence their job performance.

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I. Purpose of the Policy

[HR Manager.Company] has established this Drug Testing Policy to maintain a healthful, safe, drug-free work environment for the employees; safeguard the Company's and worker's property; enhance service delivery; and ensure that the Company's operations are conducted safely and efficiently.

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II. Scope of the Policy

This Drug Testing Policy applies to all regular, contract, casual and part-time employees, interns, and applicants for employment while working on the Company's premises, engaged on behalf of the Company elsewhere, or traveling to and from any Company-related activity in the course of their employment.

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III. Definitions

These definitions expound on different terms such as illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and the Company's property. If there are more definitions you might feel should be included, please add them to this list and clearly explain them.

A. Illegal Drugs

These are any non-prescribed controlled drugs, including but not limited to drugs such as cocaine, narcotics, opioids, marijuana, and alcohol.

B. Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs are drugs prescribed by a doctor or physician to manage or treat a particular disease or illness.

The use of a prescription drug/medicine is permitted provided that the employee notifies the Company that the drug may affect the employee’s performance and working ability.

The Company reserves the right to consult a licensed physician to determine whether the prescription drug will affect the employee's performance.

Employees must inform their supervisors before working that they are using medication that might have adverse side effects while working.

The Company reserves the right to limit a particular employee's work if it is concluded that the prescribed medication will have any side effects that might affect their performance.

The use of medication that a licensed physician does not prescribe is prohibited (prescription drugs that a licensed medical practitioner does not prescribe will not be permitted). Prescription drugs should only be carried and used by the person they are prescribed for.

C. Possession

To have in custody, in their personal effects, in the vehicle, desk, or otherwise under one's care or control.

D. Premises

This pertains to all Company structures, buildings, facilities, property, work locations, installations, property pertains, vehicles, and machinery owned, leased, operated, or under the Company's control. This also includes private vehicles within the Company's premises.

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IV. Statement of the Policy

[HR Manager.Company] has established a detailed and well-structured drug testing policy that prohibits:

The use, possession, manufacturing, selling, transporting, distributing, and receiving of any illegal drug while on the Company's premises or while engaged elsewhere in the Company's business.

The intentional misuse or mishandling, unauthorized use, and theft of any prescribed drug or substance while within the Company's property or while engaged in the Company's operations elsewhere.

Consumption of marijuana, alcohol, or alcoholic beverages that may affect the employee's performance while on duty or preceding duty.

Being under the influence of any substance or unprescribed drugs during employment, while on the Company's property, or while engaged in the Company's business elsewhere

Using prescription drugs wrongly and illegally while within the Company's property or while outside handling the Company's business (appropriate use of legally prescribed drugs is not prohibited provided the employee has disclosed any side effects that may affect job performance).

Reasonable Suspicion

[HR Manager.Company] may require an employee to undertake a drug test randomly if there are any factors that result in reasonable suspicion. These factors are:

• Odors of drugs such as marijuana and alcohol

• Dilated and watery eyes

• Unsteady body movements, excessive staggering, or loss of balance

• Inability to verbalize thoughts and slurred speech

• Possession of drug paraphernalia

• Changes in behavior and personality

• Poor concentration

• Erratic behavior, sleepiness, extreme drowsiness

• Impaired perception of time

Any violation of this Policy will not be handled kindly and will subject the violator to disciplinary action, suspension, or termination of employment. Any worker who fails to comply with the Drug Testing Policy may be subjected to disciplinary action, suspension, or termination of employment.

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V. Testing

A. Testing Situations

[HR Manager.Company] may require a drug test when joining the Company for the first time or during the employment period. This will include breath, urine, hair, saliva, and blood tests of drugs. The tests may be conducted during:

1. Pre-employment

2. Return to duty

3. At the discretion of the Company, in all cases involving workplace injuries

4. In situations where the Company deems a worker's absence excessive

5. In cases where a worker shows signs of reasonable suspicion

6. Random testing of employees who have previously been found using or in possession of drugs.

7. Transfer into a safety-sensitive or security position

B. Drug Testing Procedures

This section clearly outlines all the drug testing procedures that will be followed. Remember to state that the tests will be handled with a high level of privacy.

All sample collection and testing for drugs such as cocaine, opioids, marijuana, phencyclidine, and amphetamines will be conducted under the following conditions and procedures:

1. Collection procedures will comply with the ministry of health guidelines.

2. Samples will be conducted under tight sanitary conditions by a certified laboratory or healthcare institution specified by the Company.

3. Samples collected shall be tested with a high level of privacy and without interference.

4. The collected and tested samples should be well-documented. [HR Manager.Company] will file all drug test documents in a secure location away from the employee's personal records for future reference.

Any cases of adulteration or sample contamination will not be handled lightly.

All testing expenses will be incurred by the Company.

Any employee who fails to comply or cooperate with the Policy's requirements, such as failing to report for a scheduled appointment and refusing to test and provide a specimen at the required time, may be subject to disciplinary action. This may include suspension or termination of employment.

Consequences for positive test results

If a person is tested positive for drugs and has abused the drug testing policy in the workplace or when handling the Company's business elsewhere, the Company will decide on the disciplinary action to take. This can be putting the employee on a drug treatment program, issuing a warning, taking disciplinary action, suspension, or termination of employment.

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VI. Effective Date

The provisions of this Drug Testing Policy are effective immediately and throughout the working period in the Company. All new applicants and employees will be informed of this Policy before joining the Company.

The Human Resource departments are responsible for implementing this Policy and ensuring that all employees adhere to it.

Employment policies and laws change. Review your drug testing policy regularly to create a safe environment for your workers and remain compliant with the state laws.




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Drug Testing Policy Template

Used 4,978 times

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