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Computer Repair Contract Template

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Computer Repair Contract

Customer Name


City, State, ZipPhone

Computer ManufacturerComputer Model Number

[Sender.Company] agrees to make computer repairs to the device listed above, including:

Computer Repair Description



Customer agrees to pay the amount listed above for the computer repair services listed. Customer may make payment by cash or credit card prior to picking up their device after computer repairs are completed. Customer agrees to pay the full amount listed plus any other costs approved in writing by the Customer.

Additional Services

Both parties agree that no additional services outside of those described in this computer repair contract shall be performed. Any additional services shall require a written customer approval, signed by [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] prior to the work being performed.

Penalty for NonPayment

[Sender.Company] shall not release the device listed above until full payment for approved services is made by [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]. Should the customer refuse to pay for services approved and rendered by [Sender.Company], [Company.Name] may, at it’s sole discretion, elect to sell the device in order to recoup the unpaid amount.

Sole Agreement

This contract represents the full scope of work and obligation by both parties. No other agreements, written or verbal, shall be held as valid by either party, except in cases of written and signed approval for additional computer repair services.


[Sender.Company] makes no guarantee with regards to performance of the devices listed above after customer has made payment and picked up the device. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the device is completely repaired and functioning properly prior to making final payment.

Customer Approval

Customer hereby approves the services and rates listed above, and agrees to respect and uphold the full terms of this computer repair contract.









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