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Letter of Recommendation Template

Used 5,090 times

Reviewed by Yauhen Zaremba

Letter of Recommendation Template

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Dear ​[Recipient.FirstName][Recipient.LastName],

My name is [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName], and I currently work as [Sender.Company]'s [Sender.Title]. Thank you

for reaching out for a recommendation letter

to discuss [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] professional strengths.

I can confidently recommend [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] for the position of [Candidate.Title] with [Recipient.Company] because (he/she/they) hold(s) all of the desired skills and personality traits to excel in your company.

I have been with the company for the last (number) of years. During my time with [Sender.Company], I have seen many employees come and go. However, [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] has stood out among these associates due to (his/her/their) dedication to their work that exceeds much of the talent I have seen in many years. I had the absolute pleasure of (managing/working alongside) as (his/her/their) (colleague, employer, direct supervisor) from (year) to (year).

During our working relationship, I have witnessed [Candidate.FirstName]'s many strengths and leadership skills, including (insert strengths here. Examples: dependability, hardworking, independent, motivated, etc.). [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] and (his/hers/their) can-do attitude was an essential asset to the team and the company as a whole.

[Candidate.FirstName]'s superior skills in (enter specific skill here) led to (his/hers/their) achievements in reaching organizational goals including (enter specific goals here. Examples: enhancing ROI, reducing employee turnover, securing new clients, identifying new partners).

I can personally remember one example when [Candidate.FirstName] went above and beyond for the company. (List specific examples here. If you can't think of any, continue to list additional positive information).

Aside from (his/her/their) achievements, [Candidate.FirstName] as a person is a pleasure to work with. (His/Her/Their) sunny disposition and willingness to lend a hand were contagious in the office. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] is the right person for the job with [Recipient.Company].

Any organization, especially your own, would be lucky to have [Candidate.FirstName] on the team. If you have any further questions about [Candidate.FirstName]'s performance in the workplace, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [Sender.Email] or via phone at [Sender.Phone].

Thank you,



Letter of Recommendation Template

Used 5,090 times

Reviewed by Yauhen Zaremba

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