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PandaTip: Start off your proposal with a humble and kind introduction pointing out your strengths and the value of a good PPC campaign. And put a face to your name with a photograph. Don’t get into too much detail about your past work, but make sure your clients know you’re experienced and value strong partnerships. Also, if you’re an individual and not a business, delete any references to your company name.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my Pay Per Click proposal. Pay Per Click, or PPC as it is known in the industry, can be a vital tool for businesses to maximize their potential customer base. If you think about your own internet usage, imagine how often you find yourself in front of search results, whether on Google, Yahoo, or another platform. By combining the proper words that reflect what your company offers, we can put you in the most visible position on any search results page.

How it Works

PandaTip: You know PPC as well as anyone, but most people are neophytes when it comes to this kind of advertising. Use simple language here, as we’ve done with our example, so your clients can get excited about making this kind of investment. One of the most difficult parts of pitching PPC is getting others to understand ROI. Also, use photos to illustrate the process.

PPC is pretty straightforward, and maybe you’re already familiar with the basics, but let me give you an easy to digest example of what we do.

Your company sells [Product.Example], and you have countless competitors in this field. If we bid on the words [PPC.Example], your ad could pop up in the top position in search results, or perhaps a few positions from the top but still highly visible. The point is, people could find your company without even initially searching for it.

Now, let’s say someone clicks on your ad. Sure, you will be charged a fee for each click, but when you compare that figure to the potential sale of your products, it’s easy to see the return on investment. For example, let’s say it costs $3 for a click, but that click results in a $100 purchase on your site. After you factor in our management fee, you’re still netting a huge gain.

Now that you can see the value of PPC investment, here’s how we’ll build your successful campaign.

Campaign Building and Management

PandaTip: This is where you show off your stuff. Again, it’s important to convey the value in this kind of investment, but also to give your clients a clear picture of what you’re doing for them. The better they understand the process, the more likely they will hire you.

We will start by analyzing your business and researching your industry. From this we will find the perfect keywords and organize them in strong campaigns and ad groups, then set up PPC landing pages that optimize conversions. The main benefit of a well-researched PPC campaign is that, believe it or not, the more relevant and intelligent you make it, the less search engines like Google will charge for your ad clicks and the more results you will see. If users like your ads, you’ve won big time. This is why we believe our PPC creation is not only valuable, but essential.

One of the keys, if you will, to keywords is maintaining a steady flow of search terms and adapting to patterns. Here’s an example of how we will manage your PPC campaign:

  • Staying current: Why pay for something that doesn’t work for your company? We know the answer, and this is why we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords to maximize results.
  • Covering all the bases: Not all keywords are created equal, so in some cases the most popular terms and words will only get you so far. We will develop longer keyword terms to keep you competitive.
  • Ongoing process: Once you start a PPC campaign, it should be ever-evolving and adapting to changes in the search environment. We will make sure to stay on top of search result patterns.
  • Clearing clutter: If something isn’t working, it goes in the trash bin and we analyze why the keywords did not work out, giving you an idea of what is and is not effective.

Target Channels

PandaTip: Since there are so many PPC platforms, let your clients decide how involved they want to get. Perhaps they start out small and grow from there once they see the new sales and traffic on their website. You don’t have to give them this option, but it might help land clients. We’ve chosen a few of the popular platforms and some of the alternatives. Adapt this section to fit your approach. Also, this is another good place to use art/photos to illustrate your points.

There are different advertising platforms for PPC campaigns, and we want you to know where your business will appear in search results.

In addition to Google AdWords, the undisputed king of PPC, there are other big-name platforms and many smaller ones. Some of the other big guys are Bing Ads, Facebook, and AdRoll. Space can also be purchased through Buysellads,, eZanga, and 7search.
Please choose which platforms [Client.Company] wants to target:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook
  • AdRoll
  • Buysellads
  • eZanga
  • 7search

Pricing and Agreement

PandaTip: There are many ways to charge for this service. Here, we’ve given two popular examples, but feel free to tailor this to your needs and how you operate. Also, you can adapt the payment terms to your liking.

There are a variety of ways companies charge for PPC campaigns. We believe in two ways: a flat rate reflective of how many keywords [Client.Company] wants to buy, or a percentage of total spending on PPC ads. It all depends on the size of the campaign. Here’s what the options look like:

Keyword option


Percentage option


Pricing can be adjusted based on results. If [Client.Company] would like to increase or decrease its campaign, it must do so in writing with an amended agreement with [Sender.Company].

Upon signing this agreement, [Client.Company] will pay half of the first month’s fee. The rest will be due at the end of the month, and all subsequent payments must be issued by the end of each month.

PPC Proposal

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