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Marketing Research Proposal Template

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Here you can provide a brief summary of the purpose of the marketing research proposal, including who it is prepared for and if it was a commissioned research scheme.

Aims and objectives

This section should include the primary goals of the marketing research and the specific objectives of the project. You should explain the value of the research you hope to perform, showing why the proposal should be approved and what positive gains and useful results the research will produce.

Framework analysis

This section goes hand-in-hand with the aims and objectives section, but should focus more in depth on the background circumstances which indicate a need for the specific market research project proposed. While aims and objectives describe the specific outcomes the research will produce, the framework analysis section should demonstrate the scope of these outcomes from a practical standpoint. The framework analysis should include information from existing sources (the current body of knowledge) regarding the specific topic to be researched. You can then demonstrate the specific need for your proposed research plan.

*Both these sections. but particularly framework analysis, would benefit from the inclusion of applicable statistics and/or graphs and charts.


Generally using only a few sentences, the hypothesis of the research project states what the expected or speculated outcome of the research is likely to be.

Collection of data

Use this section of the marketing research proposal to thoroughly describe all data collection methods which will be utilized in your research. The overall strategy can be addressed, as well as the individual data collection methods. For market research, these often include methods such as focus groups, surveys, social networking research, or in-home tests. Be specific about each method. For example, if your research includes the collection of surveys, specify in this section precisely how those surveys will be conducted (via phone, email, mail, etc.), what demographics will be sampled, and what the format will look like. The more detailed you can be in this section, the better likelihood that your proposal will be accepted.

Research methodology

Use this section to discuss the merits of your research methods. Describe the implications of each method of data collection, and explain the methodology you will use to interpret the data. Discuss the means of evaluating the collected data.

Timeline and budget

This practical section should detail the timeline that the research will follow. Again, specifics are helpful in getting your proposal approved. Give a brief, but realistic budget projection for your proposed project.

Ethical considerations

Ethical considerations are very important in all types of research. Use this section to delineate the ways in which the research will abide by an ethical code in method and practice. Among other possibilities, address factors such as confidentiality, data security, privacy, and consent of research participants.


This section can remain somewhat brief. Here, you can concede any potential or probable limitations of your research methods.

Further outcomes

Although you have already addressed the likely outcomes of your findings previously in this research proposal, in this section you can expand upon the implications and potential benefits of your intended findings.

Marketing Research Proposal Template

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