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Marketing Proposal

This marketing proposal, designed by [Sender.Company] is created exclusively for use by [Client.Company] of [Client.Business].

Our proposal provides details of the scope of work, potential options for promotional and digital marketing strategies, project timelines, pricing, and an overview of how our marketing agency can best support your business to boost brand awareness.

Executive Summary

Our team members have carried out an extensive analysis as part of this proposal, including a study of market trends in your industry, and the application of specifics unique to [Client.Business].

The information has been compiled by specialist marketers, and believe our proposal provides a complete marketing strategy, which will lead to highly successful results for your business.

[Sender.Company] has been making inroads in the marketing world for [Years in business] years, constantly bringing in new clients and retaining loyal customers.

We are an innovative and experienced group of marketing professionals dedicated to meeting the marketing needs of our extensive client base. Our work in the industry has led to some high-profile achievements, and generated lasting results. We have worked with ecommerce companies, SMEs and multinational firms to deliver outstanding marketing campaigns.

As a potential client, we can offer you the best marketing services to meet your business deliverables and satisfy your target audience.

We will work with you every step of the way to create and continuously develop a strategic marketing plan that evolves as your business grows. We keep track of all crucial metrics to for maximum optimization of your projects, and to ensure that you keep attracting customers, keep your stakeholders happy and maintain a smooth workflow.

a. Market Trends

According to our research, current trends in your industry show

We feel these trends are significant in that they demonstrate

b. Industry Competitors

Leading competitors in this industry have shown the following strengths and weaknesses /*Identify.Strengths and weaknesses*/

Marketing Strategy & Goals

a. Promotional Strategy

Based on our above analysis, we believe the following promotional strategies will prove highly successful for your business:

We plan to implement these strategies using: /*Identify.Strategies print radio mailings surveys brochures*/.

b. Internet Strategy

At [Sender.Company], we know that digital marketing campaigns are now vital to the success of any business. We have developed the following strategies for marketing your business online.

We will implement these strategies using:
/*Identify.Strategies SEO social media google adwords email сampaigns*/.

Upon implementation of the above marketing strategy, our analysis projects the following outcomes:
/*State projections*/

Implementation and Payment Terms

a. Timeline

The projected timeline for your marketing project is as follows:

b. Maintenance

We keep our prices simple for the services we provide. You can accept our proposal on a retainer basis or opt for a 'pay as you go' service as certain milestones are met.

The cost breakdown of the marketing strategy proposed, alongside the implementation procedures, is as follows:
/*Cost breakdown*/

4 Conditions and Acceptance

Prior to a contractual agreement, this proposal may be amended upon collaboration with the client, [Client.Company] of [Client.Business] , at the discretion of [Sender.Company] .

Your signature below indicates acceptance of this marketing proposal. Your initial payment per the terms above will also represent acceptance of this proposal, and entrance into a contractual agreement with [Sender.Company].











Marketing Proposal Template

Used 9,070 times

3.8 Rating (6 reviews)

Reviewed by Hanna Stechenko

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