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Product Marketing Proposal Template

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Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName],

Marketing a new product or service in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any new or mature business. The volatile condition of the market and a highly informed and spoiled for choice customer base, make it a specialized task to position your brand for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect among the customers.

[Sender.Company] is a group of marketing professionals providing quality services to businesses of all sizes. We come up with custom made marketing strategies and services for your brand in accordance with the vision of your company and its goals. As a result you enjoy an enhanced market presence for your brand and a significant return on your investment.

It would be our honor and pleasure to work with [Client.Company] in marketing your products to a wider customer base. Given a chance, we can prove our value for your company by producing and delivering a specific marketing plan aiming to reach highly influential customers.

Please take a moment to go through our attached business proposal to find out the value our collaboration promises to your business. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Executive Summary


Launching your brand or services can be a daunting task in today’s business environment. Competition is fierce in almost every trade. To carve out your own niche in a highly competitive market, you need to align your business plan with your marketing plan from the very get-go.

Customers today are influenced by several elements beginning from the identification of a brand’s logo to how and where they encountered promotional messages. In addition to running your small or medium enterprise, marketing your products and services has now become a full fledged activity that is crucial to the promotion of a business. The promotional messages have to be crafted bearing in mind current competitive environment and applying sound knowledge of the potential customers’ preferences. One must know their target market inside out to influence it the way they desire.

Before starting a business, you must have researched your target customer’s profile, needs and requirements for sure. Your product and services may be the best on offer in the industry, but without sound marketing plans executed professionally, you are unable to inform and convince customers of your superiority over other brands. Marketing the business involves convincing these customers to use your particular products because of their advantage over your competitors.

As a marketing firm with years of experience, we can tell you that it takes a high level of expertise and a special nose for market trends to win over highly informed customers of today.

What You Need

[Client.Company] needs for marketing are basically as follows:

  1. Detailed identification of the target market and the best way to approach its different segments. For example, a product or service aimed at college students shall be best served by a marketing campaign targeting seminars and webinars at educational institutes, cell phone messages, educational websites, book fairs, promotional events at libraries and colleges etc.
  2. Formulation of custom made messages for the identified methods of delivery. The messages have to be tailored to catch the eye of the customers and must be positioned suitably to reach the potential clients. The messages in both comprehensive or basic marketing campaigns typically include product packaging, slogans, sales presentations, promotional text for flyers, brochures and point of sale material, website content, copy for print, electronic media and web advertisements, press releases and articles.
  3. The production and execution of different forms of marketing messages involves extensive working with texts, ideas, materials and vendors, making it a time consuming and demanding activity on its own. Producing paper or plastic print media messages in the form of advertisements, brochures, flyers, billboards, product packaging, electronic media advertisements, web development, search engine optimization, are just a few examples of production and execution of the elements of a marketing plan.


While this marketing scenario poses a big challenge for any small or medium enterprise (SME), it also provides the opportunity for an entrepreneur to make use of specialized marketing services offered by experienced firms.

Instead of being daunted by this aspect of the business, you can safely hand over your marketing campaigns to professionals who guarantee customer satisfaction. This leaves you time and resources to focus on your prime activity. It also means you gain access to the services of experienced professionals which may otherwise be unaffordable for a typical small business.


Sensing the need for dedicated handling of this highly specialized aspect of modern businesses, professional marketing firms offer their expertise to SMEs, effectively becoming partners by taking care of their marketing needs. By employing the services of these firms, you can safely skirt the need for setting up a specialized department with its extensive requirements, or you can facilitate your marketing team with highly experienced and professional support at key moments of your marketing plan.

Your business may have a dedicated marketing department handling the bulk of your needs. By hiring a marketing firm, you provide them with reliable support and a cost-effective solution for handling your secondary needs like event promotion, production and delivery of specific services for different products or occasions.


Whether your business is launching a new product or service, reviving a brand, reaching out to your customers or simply trying to expand your customer base, [Sender.Company] is here to help. Our current client portfolio features dozens of companies from around the globe belonging to diverse sectors from technology, food items, financial services to luxury furniture, clothing, construction and general business services.

Our clients stay with [Sender.Company] for years which is the most vibrant testimony to our efficiency, skills and reliability.

By partnering with [Sender.Company] for taking care of your marketing needs, we ensure a significant expansion of your returns and business growth. Our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and experience of the trends over the years enables us to produce comprehensive reports on current market position of your your product and services. We also provide recommendations for future based on expected projection.

Our overall goals are to:

Number 1

Promote your product’s visibility in the marketplace.

Number 2

Position your product to enhance it's prestige and desirability.

We believe in extensive and continued consultation with the clients before producing a campaign or promotional message. Our marketing campaigns are essentially aligned with the client’s business plans, their goals and strategies since we aim at serving as a veritable arm of the client’s business.

By keeping clients consistently informed of their brand’s market performance as well as providing timely information about changing market trends, [Sender.Company] fulfills the challenge of becoming a partner in their growth.


CTR on main homepage5%10%3 month
Activation rate of trial users15%25%6 month


SEO/SMM$1,500 - $2,300
Event Marketing$2,500 - $6,000
Promotional product design$1,700 - $2,800
OOH advertisements$1,500 - $2,300
Online advertisements$1,500 - $4,300
Website content$2,000 - $5,000

About Us


[Sender.Company] is a comprehensive, integrated marketing firm and consultancy. Our top management consists of highly experienced and qualified marketing professionals having years of specialized marketing experience in different sectors.

Since its launch, our company has provided marketing services to a growing list of highly satisfied clients, a majority of whom are market leaders in their sectors.

We take special pride in our skills of providing viable and successful marketing strategies and analysis to clients. In addition, our handling of promotional activities at special events and exhibitions are well known for efficiency and efficacy.




Digital Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager


Digital Artist


Content Marketing Manager

Our clients



IS solutions,March 2019
"[Sender.Company] did an amazing job! We'd recommend them to anyone looking for their marketing done professionally and the way you want it!"


Ilia Media,June 2019
"[Sender.Company] took all the stress out of planning our marketing budget and it couldn't have gone smoother!"

Contact Information

Website:Enter company's website address

Phone: [Sender.Phone]
Address: [Sender.City][Sender.Country][Sender.PostCode]


Search engine optimization (SEO)$2,000.001$2,000.00
Email marketing$3,000.001$3,000.00
Social Media marketing$4,000.001$4,000.00
Website Design$2,500.001$2,500.00
Marketing campaign strategy$15,000.001$15,000.00


Prior to a contractual agreement, proposal may be amended upon collaboration with [Client.Company], at the discretion of [Sender.Company].

Getting Started

Visit our website and fill out the new business queries form. Our representative will contact you shortly for initial consultation to determine your specific needs in marketing services.

Once we have received your initial profile, our team of professionals with representatives from appropriate sections shall be available for discussion on how [Sender.Company] can become your effective business partner and take care of your marketing needs.

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