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Annual Report Template – Foreign for Profit

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Annual Report Template

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Foreign For Profit Corporation

Corporation Name:                         File Number:​ [Sender.Company]                        File Number:

The Corporation was incorporated under the laws of the State of [Sender.State] in incorp year and has registered to do business within this State.

Tax ID number:

EIN Number:

Principal Place of Business (Physical Address) in the State of Incorporation:

Principal Business Street Address 1:

Principal Business Street Address 2:

Principal Business City, Principal State, Principal Zip:

Registered Office Address within this State:

Registered Office Address 1:

Registered Office Address 2:

Registered Office City, Registered Office State, Registered Office Zip:

Name and address of Registered Agent:

Registered Agent:

RA Street Address 1:

RA Street Address 2:

RA City, RA State, RA Zip:




President Address 1:

President Address 2:

President City, President State, President Zip:



Secretary Address 1:

Secretary Address 2:

Secretary City, Secretary State, Secretary Zip:



Treasurer Address 1:

Treasurer Address 2:

Treasurer City, Treasurer State, Treasurer Zip:


Director 1:

Director 1 Address 1:

Director 1 Address 2:

Director 1 City, Director 1 State, Director 1 Zip:

Director 2:

Director 2 Address 1:

Director 2 Address 2:

Director 2 City, Director 2 State, Director 2 Zip:

Director 3:

Director 3 Address 1:

Director 3 Address 2:

Director 3 City, Director 3 State, Director 3 Zip:

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury of the laws of this state that the information listed above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I am an officer or director of this corporation with authority to sign and submit this report.









Annual Report Template – Foreign for Profit

Used 4,891 times

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