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Sublet Agreement Template

This Sublet Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Sublet Agreement”) is made and effective as of [DATE] between the Lessee, Sublessee and Lessor whose signature appears on the signature page of this Sublet Agreement. This Sublet Agreement is effective for a period starting as of the start date of  Sublessee’s sublease or [DATE] and ending as of the end date of Sublessee’s sublease or [DATE] (the “Term”). This Sublet Agreement governs Sublessee’s sublease of the residence located at [ADDRESS] (the “premises”) for the Term.

  1. The Sublessee shall be permitted to sublease the premises, subject to the terms and conditions of this Sublet Agreement, for the Term and only for the Term.

  1. During the Term, the Sublessee shall pay [DOLLAR AMOUNT] to the Lessor every month starting as of the start date of the Sublessee’s sublease. Such payments shall be made on the [NUMBER] of each month, and such payments are a condition precedent to any further sublease of the premises.

PandaTip: Although it is rare, in some cases, the original Lessee will handle management of the Sublessee. If this is the case, in some areas of this Sublet Agreement, you may want to replace Lessor with Lessee.

  1. The Sublessee shall pay to the Lessor an initial deposit in the amount of [DOLLAR AMOUNT] to cover any damages which may occur at the premises during the Term.  All three parties hereto will conduct an inspection of the premises prior to the start date of the sublease in order to document in writing their agreement with regard to any damages that exist at the premises prior to Sublessee’s sublease. Any damages which were not documented prior to the sublease and which exist at the end date of the sublease shall be the responsibility of the Sublessee and the Sublessee shall be fully liable for any and all costs and expenses over and above the aforementioned deposit, which costs and expenses may be required to correct or repair any such damages.   The damages deposit paid to the Lessor by the Sublessee shall be returned to the Sublessee within [NUMBER] days of the end date of the sublease, less any costs related to actual damages incurred by the Lessor.

  1. Sublessee has read, understands and agrees to all terms and conditions contained in the original lease agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Sublessee shall comply to the fullest extent with all terms and conditions contained in the original lease, and for the purposes of this Sublet Agreement, all references in the original lease agreement to “Lessee” shall mean Sublessee.

PandaTip: Section 4 is what allows this Sublet Agreement to be so short. If the original lease does not exist, you may want to provide lease agreement terms directly in this Sublet Agreement.

  1. By Lessors signature below, Lessor consents and agrees to this Sublet Agreement.

By their respective signatures below, the parties hereby bind themselves to this sublease agreement upon the landlord’s signature set forth below.


_________________________________    ______________

Signature                                                        DATE


_________________________________    ______________

Signature                                                        DATE


_________________________________    ______________

Signature                                                       DATE


(1) Original lease agreement.

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