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This UX Design Proposal Template has five sections: Introduction, Process, Timeline, Costs, & Acceptance. Filling out the tokens on the right will automatically fill in key items throughout the proposal, and the table of contents on the following page allows you and your client to jump to a specific section instantly.

[Sender.Company] is a design agency providing bespoke UX design solutions to brands in many industries. Our team of analysts and UX designers perform the critical research and analysis necessary for successful UX in your products, and develop cohesive UX strategies that allow you to become a product-driven organization.

In this UX design proposal, we will outline the project at hand, our process for reaching your desired outcome, the project’s delivery timeline, and all project costs.

Your needs

Take the time to write a detailed description of your client’s needs. This will demonstrate that you’ve listened to them in previous conversations, and will help them see that your proposal will help them reach their goals. Feel free to add new content blocks throughout this UX design proposal template to customize it to fit your agency’s needs.

[Client.Company] needs to establish/improve the user experience of your products, so that your users become engaged with and loyal to them.

Specifically, [Sender.Company] will perform UX design services to achieve the following:

Project description

Our process

[Sender.Company]’s UX process follows industry-standard UX standards. Each project is completed in three key phases:

  • Research


  • Design


  • Interate


Phase 1: Research

In this phase, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify the following:

  • Key users and their demographic criteria
  • The needs that your product meets for your users
  • The goals which your users rely on your product to meet
  • The user experience offered by your competitors

This phase is critical to a successful UX strategy, as it provides the baseline data that will drive all design decisions.

Phase 2: Design

In this phase, we create a UX strategy and various prototypes to be tested and deployed, including:

  • Documented UX strategy and user flows
  • Design wireframes for review and approval by [Client.Company]
  • Functional design prototypes for user testing

Phase 3: Iterate

In this phase, [Sender.Company] will deploy a series of functional prototypes to select user groups. By measuring interaction with these prototypes against predefined standards, we will be able to make a series of iterations to the UX strategy and product design. Each iteration will be redeployed to target groups, and measured for performance.

At the conclusion of this iterative process, we will be able to deliver a final product design for deployment to your full user base.

Project timeline

The table below details the milestones associated with this project, including projected delivery dates. The dates below are projections only, and are subject to change depending on required prototype iterations or other project delays.

Client Interviews
User Surveys
Competitive UX Analysis
UX Documentation & User Flows
Initial Wireframes
Functional Design Prototypes
Prototype Deployment & Testing
Final Design

Feel free to change the milestones in the table below to match your agency’s project structure. By providing specific milestones and dates, you set clear expectations for the project and demonstrate that you’ve planned appropriately.

Project costs

The following table details the costs associated with this project. [Sender.Company] will invoice [Client.Company] at the completion of each of the three project phases.

Name Price QTY Subtotal


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