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Freelance Web Design Proposal


Taking the time to craft a proposal that demonstrates your relevant skills and understanding of your client’s needs is important if you want to succeed as a freelancer. Create your next web design proposal in less than 5 minutes with this web design proposal template! To get started, fill in the tokens on the menu to the right.

Proposal for responsive web design services for [Client.Company]
Proposal by [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] , Web Design Freelancer/p>


This introduction can be used for any freelance web design proposal, but don’t hesitate to change it if it’s not quite right for you!

In today’s digital world, your website is often the first impression on potential customers. In fact, more than 60% of today’s purchases start online, and nearly all consumers state that company websites factor into their purchasing decisions. A reliable, well-designed website exposes your products and services to those who seek them, and makes it easier for you to compete in a crowded marketplace.
As a professional freelance web designer, I specialize in building business websites that accomplish the following:

  • Draw organic traffic from search engines
  • Positively position your brand, products, and services
  • Drive visitors to purchase or convert to leads
  • Support your digital marketing channels

I have had the pleasure of working with many brands around the world to build successful business websites. I draw from a strong web design background, augmented by an understanding of what makes a website a profitable marketing tool.
In this proposal, you’ll find a wealth of information related to the web design services that I offer. I’ve included visual examples of past work along with testimonials from previous clients. You’ll also find information regarding my approach to web design projects, and the costs associated with your website’s design and creation.


My Work

Make sure your client knows how skilled you are by showing off a few of your previous web design projects right inside your proposal. Include visual examples so that they can see what you’re capable of.

I’ve had the pleasure of building websites for several successful brands around the world. My web design portfolio includes the following projects:



pic-2p_2_small full-size_team_small img_rectang_couple_small



inside-full-seo_small inside-full-work_smallinside-full-seo_small


Testimonials are extremely valuable to any freelancer. We recommend that you ask for a testimonial from every client you work for, and use them extensively in your proposals.

A positive word from a client is more powerful than anything I can say about my work or abilities. Here are just a few of the glowing reviews I’ve had for my freelance web design services:

-Testimonial1.Name [Testimonial1.Company]


-Testimonial2.Name [Testimonial2.Company]

full-size_team_small img_rectang_couple_small

Your Website

I specialize in building business websites that help you achieve your marketing goals without breaking your budget. Every web design project includes the following:
Responsive Design:

  • Your website will adapt it’s layout based on the size of the viewer’s screen. This ensures that your website will function properly on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Content Management System (CMS):

  • I build my clients’ websites using the WordPress CMS. WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and is known for security, reliability, and ease of use.

Reliable Hosting:

  • I host my clients’ websites with [Hosting.Provider]. I’ve used many hosting services, and I’ve found [Hosting.Provider] to offer the best reliability and security at affordable rates.

Monthly Backups

  • My monthly fee includes secure offline backups of your website. These backups serve as an insurance policy of sorts in case of malicious infiltration or damage to your site.

Content Updates

  • To be used effectively, your website should be updated regularly. My monthly fee includes publication of updated content and graphics at your request. This includes changing up to 25% of your website’s content in any given 30 day period.

full-size-marketing_small full-size-marketing_small

Development Timeline

Some companies are hesitant to hire a freelancer because they’ve heard stories of projects not being delivered on schedule. By including a detailed project timeline, you can demonstrate that you’ve planned your client’s web design project thoroughly.

I’ve found that following a structured web design process provides peace of mind to my clients while ensuring each project is delivered on time and on budget. The table below provides a high-level overview of that process, along with projected completion dates for each phase.
Please note that the dates below are estimates, and are subject to change as a result of communication or requirements challenges which are common to technical projects.

PhaseDate Complete
Initial Wireframes




Functional Prototype


Private Deployment




Public Deployment



This template includes a PandaDoc pricing table- the most customizable pricing table you’ll find in a proposal software solution. You can customize the pricing table by adding additional items, item sections, discounts, optional items, and editable quantities.


Subtotal       $35,995.00
Total   $35,995.00


Payment for the project will be due on the following terms:

  1. 30% invoiced upon project approval (net-30 terms)
  2. 70% invoiced upon public deployment (net-30 terms)


Every PandaDoc subscription includes unlimited legally-binding electronic signatures. Your client will be able to view and sign your proposal from any computer or mobile device!

Once you’ve reviewed the timeline and pricing above, simply sign below to approve your web design project. I will reach out to you to schedule our initial discovery session and generate your first invoice within 24 hours.

Freelance Web Design Proposal Template

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