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A freelance quote template is perfect for when a potential client just needs a basic document confirming the scope of work and pricing for a potential project. This template includes just the basics- when the project will be completed, what the deliverables are, and how much the project will cost the client.

Service Quote

Project Description

This project is estimated to begin on [Project.StartDate] and complete on [Project.CompletionDate].


As a freelancer you should always be cautious when beginning a new project. Be sure to thoroughly detail the deliverables associated with the freelance quote in the text field below.


The table below details the costs associated with this project.

Use the freelance quote template’s pricing table to detail the costs that you’ll bill the client for.


Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00

Client Approval

You’ll receive an email notification when a client signs your freelance quote template using the fields below.

Please sign below to indicate your approval of the project description, schedule, and pricing detailed in this quote.

[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]



Freelance Quote [Quote.CreatedDate]
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