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Public Relations Proposal Template

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Public Relations Proposal Template

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]​ ​[Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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Dear [Client.Company],

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the challenges your company has faced and for considering [Sender.Company]’s help in addressing them. On behalf of [Sender.Company], we truly believe an effective public relations campaign can benefit the further growth of your business.

Simply put, a PR campaign is a series of planned activities that all have a specific purpose and are working toward the same goal for a business. PR campaigns always have a clear objective and usually have a fixed time frame to them. Depending on your objectives and goals for the campaign, the activities may differ, and no two campaigns are exactly the same. 

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to turn to professionals to assist them with their campaigns. PR agencies can take a basic idea and turn it into a success. They have the creativity and flair to help your campaign make the required impact and also the professionalism and organizational skills to execute it seamlessly.

You can use effective public relations to communicate messages to larger audiences, boosting your brand awareness and promoting your brand’s value, and it goes without saying that all of this is essential to success.

We are very excited and look forward to working with you to create an amazing PR strategy that will help your brand overcome its challenges. If any questions arise, please feel free to personally reach out to me at [Sender.Email] or [Sender.Phone].





As requested by [Client.Company], the following public relations proposal has been devised in order to successfully promote and maintain a PR strategy for [Client.Company].

The Executive Summary contains an overall summary of the plan you will set forth below. It should therefore be completed last, and should be a concise yet striking introduction to the proposal.


Following extensive research and analysis, the circumstances and situation affecting [Client.Company] appear to be as follows:

While [Client.Company] is a leader in market share of the (insert details) industry, it has been slowly losing its foothold. This can be attributed to new companies entering into the market. With the gap in your PR strategy we have noticed that newer companies are gaining this advantage, as they have greater visibility despite having a lesser product.

Furthermore, [Client.Company] relies too heavily on word of mouth marketing and already loyal customers — instead of gaining new ones through a better marketing strategy such as digital means or “out of the box” thinking. We see an opportunity for growth here with a good PR plan that can improve visibility.

[Client.Company] is an established brand in the market and has been in business for over (number of years) years. You have a superior product, and your operational systems have helped you grow and flourish to a point where the brand is seen to be synonymous in the industry with integrity and quality. 

We believe an aggressive public relations strategy will help recapture the market share that you’ve lost and then some. We will do this by improving audience sizes and finding new opportunities for engagement across all relevant social media platforms.

The attitudes of consumers towards [Client.Company] indicate that (insert details).

​Compared to leading competitors, [Client.Company] is performing strongly in the following areas (insert details).

​Some of the weaknesses of [Client.Company] seem to be (insert details).


In conjunction with [Client.Company], the following goals have been set forth with regard to public relations:











Build media contacts

We start by creating a database of media contacts to reach out to for public relations and marketing for your company. This list is organized and used to create a media contact strategy which will be an integral part of our PR plan.

Improve social media engagement and following

We wish to add social media integration to your website in order to make your social media easier to find. Subsequently, we will run social media adverts in order to drive new followers to your website.

Evaluate and improve

Once the plan is underway, we will continuously evaluate our plan by tracking social media metrics and feedback from consumers. We will continuously improve on our plan to ensure a better reach for your company.


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In the Target Audience section, you will discuss the demographic you will target through this public relations plan. 

Many professionals suggest being extremely specific in this section, identifying the exact type of individual your PR will be geared toward, down to age, sex, geographic location, likes, dislikes, habits, etc. This can be a useful element in creating a strong PR campaign. 

Another way you can create a good target audience is by creating a customer persona for the company or the perfect customer who would want to purchase the company’s products.


As public relations deals directly with media outlets, this section should address what media sources you will target. This section will be especially useful if your PR proposal is targeting a new audience or looking to grow the brand. For example, you can list new types of media to be reached, including specific websites, news sources, journals, etc.

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Depending on the needs of the proposal and the needs of the client, this section may vary. If the public relations team is also responsible for generating marketing concepts, this area can detail those ideas and how they will be used. If the client already has an existing marketing concept, this section can simply explain how the PR plan will maintain and continue to promote that concept, perhaps including fresh new approaches to the idea.


This is a large section of the public relations proposal, and where you will list and detail the specific strategies and tactics your plan will involve.

  1. Media Outreach

  2. Press Releases

  3. Editorials

  4. Events

  5. Speaking Opportunities

  6. Social Media

  7. Crisis Planning


The Timeline section should outline the time period addressed in this PR proposal and contain all important, relevant dates. This would be an excellent place to include a chart or calendar detailing the above-mentioned tactics.


This section will handle the budget needed for the included public relations plan. If the plan includes a flat fee, put that here. If pricing is per item, the proposed budget should be detailed and include pricing for each specific item.


In this section, you can describe how the success of the public relations proposal will be measured. You can include a time frame for assessing the plan throughout the year. Show what elements or results will be necessary to indicate the success or failure of the plan, and how any instance of coming up short will be addressed.


Your signature below indicates acceptance of this public relations proposal and entrance into a contractual agreement with ​[Sender.Company].





Public Relations Proposal Template

Used 5,728 times

Reviewed by Hanna Stechenko

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