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Having an online presence is essential in the modern business world.

Companies with tested, effective digital strategies put themselves at a significant advantage in a range of areas, particularly when it comes to lead generation, customer engagement, and recurring sales.

Your company may offer superlative products and services. But if your website is hidden in search results - to the point that consumers can't find you online - it is, for all intents and purposes, as though you don't exist.

[Sender.Company] is here to solve that problem through search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in organic search results. The term "organic" is used here to distinguish from paid search results.

Major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, rank websites based on specific parameters. Website owners incur no cost during this process.

By optimizing your website and boosting your rankings in search engine results, you will gain greater visibility and visitor traffic to your website will increase.


What You Need to Know About SEO

If your website currently ranks poorly in search engine results, we've got some good news. You can increase your page rankings by implementing a tailored, tested search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

The most important aspect of SEO is understanding ranking factors. Ranking factors, which are the parameters that search engines use to "judge" websites, include keyword density, content quality, engagement, brand recognition, domain authority, and more.

Here's a short overview of the stages involved in implementing an SEO strategy:


First, your website will undergo what's called an "audit." The purpose of an audit is to ascertain your current rankings, understand your website's analytics, and identify keyword opportunities.


Search engines use automated bots called crawlers to scour the internet, find web pages, and decipher page data. These pages are then indexed on the search engines' internal servers and will appear in search results. This stage is about ensuring that your website is being crawled and indexed properly.


While every search engine is different, the vast majority have three main ranking factors in common: keywords, content, and links.

During this stage of your SEO strategy, you will work to increase the quality of all ranking factors, with an emphasis on the three mentioned above.

It is generally accepted that search engines place most weight on keywords and content during the ranking process. Because of this, it's imperative for you to know which keywords are in the highest demand within your market. You can then incorporate these keywords into high-quality content on your website.

In conjunction with other promotional activities, your website's content will naturally attract links from other websites. Search engines rely on link analysis algorithms that evaluate the sources, number, and anchor texts of links to determine the relevance of your site's pages in search queries.


Search engines have increasingly started to develop mobile crawlers that rank web pages for mobile-only indexes. As such, having a mobile-optimized website will improve your overall rankings.

Google also displays a carousel of search results that showcases web pages that have implemented what is called Accelerated Mobile Performance (AMP). AMP is a fast-loading HTML infrastructure, and while it is not yet a ranking factor, adding AMP to your website will likely result in greater visibility on Google's carousel.

Who We Are

[Sender.Company] is dedicated to increasing your online visibility.

We will conduct extensive research to define your target audience and learn how to best utilize your website's content to drive traffic and turn your visitors into paying customers.

Drawing on years of industry experience, we will then compile a detailed search engine optimization plan that's uniquely tailored to the needs of your business.

Our Approach

Analysis and Strategy

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy builds a website's online presence in a sustainable way.

[Sender.Company] 's first step will be to audit your current website. We will evaluate your approach to SEO to determine areas for improvement.

During our audit, we will look at the following areas:

Analytics and Keywords

Before pursuing new rankings, we need to understand how your site is currently performing. We will compile a list of keywords for which your site appears in the search results and compare these against data about your competitors.

Your Website’s Accessibility and Indexing

For your website to be visible in search results, it needs to be accessible and ready for indexing. We will review content, link structures and HTML features (like image alt tags).

Ranking Factors

After ensuring that your website's structure is optimized for indexing, we will shift our attention and identify ways of improving your rankings. We will pay attention to a range of rank factors, including keyword density, source code, HTML markup, external links, and more.

Competitive Analysis

Running a competitive analysis allows us to compare your website's performance to that of your competitors. This will provide us with a clearer idea of where ranking opportunities might lie and what can reasonably be expected in terms of concrete deliverables.

Implementation Timeline

To accomplish the tasks above in a thorough manner, we will require approximately [Project Length]. The following table outlines the specific stages of this period in the form of a timeline:

Sample projectsTimeline
Analytics and Keywords
Accessibility and Indexing
Ranking Factors
Competitive Analysis


Once the initial audit has been completed, we will provide a detailed SEO plan. This will be made up of a clear strategy and will include a description of the concrete steps we will take to improve your rankings and achieve your business goals.


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ACME Industries

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Jake Rand,
Rand & Smith

Pricing Estimates

Website Audit$20.0010per hour$200.00
Keyword Research$25.0010per hour$250.00
Competitors Research$25.0015per hour$375.00
Content Optimization$20.0010per hour$200.00
Link Building Campaign$25.0040per hour$1000.00
Content Strategy$20.0020per hour$400.00
Technical Optimization$25.0025per hour$625.00
Initial payment$2000.001per hour$2000.00


At the discretion of [Sender.Company], this proposal may be amended after contractual agreement between [Client.Company]and [Sender.Company].


[Client.Company] agrees to submit the initial payment upon the signing of this proposal. Once [Client.Company] provides the deliverables, a new contract will be drafted with an implementation time-frame and detailed payment terms.


[Sender.Company] warrants that all work will be performed in a professional manner and will not be plagiarized or in violation of any copyright or infringement laws.


Should either [Sender.Company] or [Client.Company] elect to terminate this contract, [Sender.Company] reserves the right to collect payment for services provided and will allow [Client.Company] thirty (30) days to submit payment in the amount disclosed on a final invoice that will be provided to [Client.Company] by [Sender.Company] within fifteen (15) days of contract termination.


By signing below, [Client.Company] agrees to the terms of this proposal and enters into a contractual agreement with [Sender.Company] beginning on the date of signing.









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