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SEO Agreement Template

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Marketing agencies and freelancers can use this SEO Agreement Template to outline the deliverables, costs, and legal terms associated with SEO projects.

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SEO Agreement Template

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This SEO Agreement is hereby entered into between [Sender.Company] (Provider) and [Client.Company] (Client) as of [Agreement.Date]

Service Provider agrees to provide Client with Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Services as described in this SEO Agreement for the period of [Agreement.Period]. Project will start upon this agreement’s signing and conclude when all deliverables are completed and approved or termination has commenced of said agreement.

Client Details

[Client.City], [Client.State], [Client.Zip][Client.Phone]
City, State, ZipPhone

Provider Details

[Sender.City], [Sender.State], [Sender.Zip][Sender.Phone]
City, State, ZipPhone


Client agrees to pay all fees as stated below. Any and all deposits must be received prior to the start of any services provided. 

  • All payments are subject to the due dates listed on them unless otherwise noted by [Sender.Company].
  • Any and all incidental cost related to the SEO Services provided to the client above and beyond deliverable services will be reimbursed to Provider with prior client approval.
  • If the client decides to Terminate project without prior notification or violates any terms of this agreement, full payment will be required. 
  • Pricing below is based on a 12-month agreement term.


The following items have been agreed and accepted as deliverable items within this SEO Agreement:


Provider agrees to provide Client with monthly reports detailing activities performed for the previous 30-day period along with the results of SEO efforts. Provider and Client agree to make themselves available for a monthly call to discuss this report and any upcoming projects related to this SEO Agreement.Provider agrees to make every effort to produce reports that are easy to read and comprehend and clearly indicate the benefits (if any) that SEO activities have had for the Client.

Assignment of Rights 

For the purposes of receiving professional SEO services, Client agrees to provide the following:

  • All  back-end access to the website needed for the uploading of new web pages, and making changes on the web pages for the purpose of on-page optimization.
  • Permission to communicate directly with any and all necessary staff including third party vendors. 
  • Full access to all existing website analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. 
  • Consent for use of all copyright material for the use of creating informational pages as well as use for anything else deemed necessary by service provider for needed optimization. 
  • [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] will provide any and all page content for sites as well as any additional content needed. 
  • [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] has offered to provide content at an additional cost of $200.00 per page.

Non Disclosure Agreement 

[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] agrees to keep all information obtained during the term of this agreement confidential. Client will not disclose any confidential information without prior written consent from owner.  Furthermore, client agree to withhold the highest level of respect for all individuals employed by provider during and at anytime following agreement terms.  

Terms and Conditions

  • [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] has been granted permission to use the specific keywords and/or phrases for developing and improving the ranking of the Client’s site(s) in approved search engines. 
  • All fees and deposits are non-refundable.
  • Service provider has no claim or control of any participating search engine directory or regulations. If at any point clients property is excluded from said services it will not be at the fault of Provider.
  • Provider does not guarantee any search engine rankings for specific keywords due to the complex, competitive nature of SEO. 
  • Client recognizes that some websites will drop listings for no apparent reason Provider will not be help liable for any penalties or dropped listings abstained from search engine sites 
  • [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] understands site rankings change and can fluctuate any day, any time because of ongoing changes in the ranking algorithm. Actual ranking placement may take months to achieve due to the “Boosting Effect” and Client will expect reasonable results as such. 
  • [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] guarantees all elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided to be their property. 
  • [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] represents and warrants that no interest or obligations exist which would prevent, limit, or impair performance of any part of this agreement. 


This agreement will come to an end if any of the following occur. 

  • All deliverables completed
  • Either party enters bankruptcy
  • Any obligations of the agreement become impossible to achieve due to man-made calamities (War, Terrorism, Riots, etc.) or any natural calamities (flood, hurricane, volcano). 
  • Both parties approve written terms of termination. 

Furthermore, [Sender.FirstName] makes no guarantee/warranty of project timeline or need for additional expenses if any of the following occur without prior notification. 

  1.  Any file additions, or changes to folder, web document, widget or any functionality. 
  2. Location of file changes (either to different domain or folder) 
  3. Any modifications to text on a web document or in the title tag occurs, or any removing of certain HTML tags required for site authentication.
  4.  Removing analytics code from the web page which is used to track website traffic.
  5.  Renaming URLs of existing web documents. 
  6. Taking down the website or any portion of the website.
  7. Renaming, re-locating, adding or removing any file, folder or sub domain on a web server including web documents, robots.txt, .htacess file, sitemap.xml, rss.xml etc.
  8.  Changes in the site architecture.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction 

In this SEO agreement governing law means which country’s rule of interpretation and legal remedies apply in case of any dispute arising out of the agreement. Jurisdiction means the place where your dispute will be heard. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of US, and the parties submit to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the courts of [Sender.State] in respect of any dispute or difference between the client and developer. Both parties agree to use all means of mediation to solve disputes before filing legal documents with said courts. 


By signing below both parties agree and consent to all terms and conditions above. Both signing parties agree to be legally able to represent and sign this document as responsible parties. 









SEO Agreement Template

Used 5,952 times

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