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Social Media Policy Template


As an active member of the business community, [COMPANY] realizes the value and importance of social media for business promotion and practices. We also recognize the growing influence of social media and its widening scope. [COMPANY] has implemented the following social media policy to help our employees understand and adhere to standard responsible social media practices, put in place to protect the employees, their jobs, and [COMPANY] as a whole.

Any employee of [COMPANY] may elect to create a blog, contribute online, or participate in an online social network of any kind. For all employees, the same guidelines which can be found in the employee handbook, including policies regarding employee activity and conduct, apply to employee activities on social media or other forms of online publishing.

This opening section allows you to show employees why a social media policy has been implemented and why it is important. It also sets forth the tone which lets employees know that social media policies will reinforce and collaborate with other employee policies already in place.


Any time you participate in social media, you are posting on your own behalf unless expressly requested by [COMPANY] to post on the company’s behalf (i.e., social media, marketing employees). Any posts on social media or other online publishing should be made under your own name.

When posting anything that may be associated with you professionally, it is vital that you post a disclaimer such as: “the opinion expressed here is entirely my own and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of [COMPANY].”

Reminding employees of using a disclaimer such as this helps them know that social media can still be used professionally, and gives them a way to express their opinions in accordance with the policy.

If you identify yourself as a [COMPANY] employee via social media, your opinions and viewpoint must reflect the responsibilities of your position.

Always adhere to copyright standards and respect the intellectual property of others when utilizing social media platforms or other online publishing forms.

Do not, under any circumstances, disclose any personal information about the company or its employees.

Do not disclose confidential information about [COMPANY], its practices, or any information meant to be shared only with fellow employees.

Any rumors, slander, or confidential information shared via social media may have a significant negative impact on this company and its reputation. Legal action may be brought against the individual responsible for the publication of this information.

Remember that, as an employee, you are an ambassador for the company, and your manner in all situations, including online, should reflect that in a positive way.

While on company time or company computers, no employee shall, at any time, share anything with another employee via social media that may be considered inappropriate or fall under the category Not Suitable for Work–known online as NSFW. This includes items of a sexual, profane, or excessively violent nature. These have no place in the work environment, and disciplinary action may occur.

This is an important tidbit to include, as many employees forget that good social media practices include items shared via social media to friends and coworkers.


Including a list of best practices can show employees the proper ways to utilize social media, and reinforce the values your company wishes to uphold.

Always respect your audience. In every situation, use social media as a respectful tool to share ideas and information. Be especially mindful when dealing with sensitive subjects such as politics and religion.

Share content intelligently. If you publish an item professionally, you may help to strengthen the community of [COMPANY]. Make sure what you publish is helpful, valuable, and promotes the principles of this company.

Protect your privacy. Always think twice before posting, and remember that what you share may remain in the public domain for a long time afterwards. Make sure you are protecting your own privacy and that of the company’s.

Employees are responsible for ensuring that their online activities do not interfere with their ability to perform their job, or to fulfill commitments to their managers, co-workers or clients.


I attest that I have read this Social Media Policy in its entirety and do understand all policies contained therein. I will uphold the standards set forth in this document, and will maintain appropriate and professional conduct when accessing social media.

Employee Name: _______________________________

Employee Title: _________________________________

Signature: __________________________

Date: ________________________

Depending on the specific needs of the proposal, this Acceptance section can be omitted.

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