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Our corporation, [Sender.Company], continues to foster dynamic marketing campaigns through event and entertainment venues. In fact, we recently expanded our array of event and experiential marketing services, to augment marketing to sales conversions. Of our many target venues, feature event remains a feature event, as we host event and manage vendor marketing opportunities associated with the popular event. We are pleased [Client.Company] was able to take advantage of our marketing services at last year’s name event, and would like to customize a marketing package to surpass last year’s exceptional results.


Last year’s annual event exceeded expectations. The event exemplified successful marketing, and emphasized consumer outreach, engagement, and interaction. Event Smash estimates that over number event attendees received one or more [Client.Company] customized promotional items, during the four day event. Furthermore, the designated promotional staff spoke with and gathered data from an estimated one out of five event attendees.

Online and virtual mediums also played a significant role in last year’s marketing campaign. The event website, prior and in anticipation to event kick-off, received nearly two times the number of site registrations as event attendees and about number additional registrants, post event. Over number post-event registrants entered a catch phrase from Pacific Blue signage tailored for Jam Fest, which supports that signage was well designed, positioned, and highly visible.

In addition, our specialized tracking and analytic applications show that three out of five event site visitors navigated to the [Client.Company] site during or directly after visiting any event web page. Number of registrants had opted-in to receive information about [Client.Company] products, and number had subscribed to the [Client.Company] newsletter. Also impressive, one out of three event visitors clicked on a premium ad for [Client.Company] products — number percent converted to a direct product sale.


In order to enhance [Client.Company]’s marketing campaign and the [Client.Company] experience at event, we would like to offer you our new premium marketing package. Last year, we offered our Premium Package to number vendors. However, this year, to center marketing themes around one vendor, we are making the Premium Package exclusively available to one vendor.

The pricing table below contains a detailed cost breakdown for each of our key areas of responsibility.

Cost Breakdown



While last year’s event set new records across all marketing and sales measures for [Client.Company] from the preceding year, we project that this year’s event will push [Client.Company] past last year’s marks, with our Premium Package offering. In brief, based on last year’s offering, we expect outreach to increase number%, gross sales to increase by number%, and profits to increase by number%.


The Premium Package includes the following base features:

  • Cobranding of all event signage with [Client.Company] name and logo, which strengthens and diversifies advertising messages and provides extensive [Client.Company] brand exposure.
  • Multiple vendor locations in the highest trafficked areas.
  • Promotional staff and models to cover all event area, promote products, and educate consumers, without interfering with but rather enhancing event experience.
  • Design of creative marketing themes and promotional activities.
  • Design and distribution of four promotional items.
  • Online front-page premium ad on event site.
  • Newsletter design highlighting event presence.
  • Other features of the Premium Package, not included in last year’s package, include the following:
  • Add an entire page on the event website dedicated to [Client.Company], and allow for direct sale of products.
  • Expand [Client.Company]’s signage space at event. Showcase number% more [Client.Company] premium event ads than last year.
  • Provide three standardized tents to add an additional element of congruency in [Client.Company]’s event presence.
  • Provide one oversized and customized tent to help introduce and display [Client.Company]’s newest product line.
  • Develop strategic plans to enhance [Client.Company]’s customer retention in conjunction with marketing efforts and expand its business partnerships.


This proposal constitutes a preliminary offering, and we would like to schedule a meeting to further discuss details, costs, and accommodate any additional plans. We would appreciate you directing questions to your designated [Sender.Company] business development executive. Thank you.









Marketing Recap Proposal Template

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